Mandalay Weather in February

Mandalay Weather in February

Mandalay weather in February is one of the best times of the year. As the weather in January, February is good to do outdoor activities with an average temperature of 24°C (74.39 °F).
During the day time in February, it is warm and dry. According to the statistic, there is just an airy 2mm of water that is unloaded across an average of 0 days. There are usually 9 hours of bright sunshine each day, which represents 80% of 11 hours of daylight. While it is quite warm during the day, in the afternoon, the temperature can reach 32 °C (90°F). However, as the night falls down, the temperature can drop dramatically to 15°C (59.2 °F).

Clothing Tips for Traveling to Mandalay in February

February is one of the best times to take Mandalay tours as the weather condition is pretty comfortable. For daytime sightseeing, you can wear a light T-shirt, pants or shorts (remember to bring a scarf to cover your knees while visiting the pagodas and temples.
Since there is a big difference between the day and night time temperature, you should remember to bring jackets to avoid getting cold when going out at night.

Best Things to Do in Mandalay in February

Take Part in Mahamuni Pagoda Festival

Dating back to the 18th century, Mahamuni Pagoda is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in Myanmar. The pagoda is home to the highly revered Buddha image and a museum where displays the paintings showing the life of Buddha and the story about the way people carried the Buddha image to the pagoda. The Mahamuni Festival, which held on February 8, 2020 (February 26, 2021, February 15, 2022, February 4, 2023) is a highlight of February in Mandalay. This time is when local people celebrate the full moon eve of Thabodwe. Buddhist monks will perform a reading of ancient philosophical Buddhist texts.
Attending the festival, you will indulge in various activities such as traditional dance, music performances, and the local theater groups.

Learn About the Life of Buddhist Monks in Mahagandayone Monastery

To be home to nearly 2000 monks, Mahagandayone Monastery is the largest monastery in Myanmar. Many people visit the monastery to witness and catch the image of hundreds of monks walking to lunch. Every monk is dressed in the same maroon-colored robes. They live in disciplined and serene and are unperturbed by tourists. Visiting the monastery, you should remember to keep the distance with the monks and observe the ritual in silence.