Pantamault refers to the art of stones curving. Traditionally the artisans in this country make Buddha images stock for Sima, flag poles, pillars, animal decorations like leopards, elephants, deer, circular flat stone pestle and mortar and table. This kind of art is widely practiced throughout Myanmar today and it has become the pride and honor of Myanmar people.

Pantamault - Art of Stone Sculpting in Myanmar

Pantamault – Art of Stone Sculpting in Myanmar

Yangon, Mandalay and other towns in the country showcases a number of Pantamault studios but the majority of studios are mostly held in the city Mandalay.
Marble craftsmanship is an interesting topic. It is commonly said that an auspicious day and time have to be chosen carefully by an astrologer before the artisans carve the very first marble images.

Stone Buddha images in Myanmar

Stone Buddha images in Myanmar

The stone which is used to create the figures must be blessed with a sprinkling of holy water and homage offering. After the solemn rituals have been finished, the master marks out the outline and make the first cut. Then the rough cut will be the responsibility of the experienced apprentices. The master will take over the final carving stages, under his tools the marble peels away as if it were soft wax.