Myanmar Arts

Myanmar ArtVisit a country is like you are coming to your friend’s home. If you just tour around and see the attractions, you just come to the door of your friend’s home; but if you skim through the history and gain insights into this country’s culture, you really go inside the home. Myanmar (Burma) is a beautiful country where creative and hard-working people are proudly reflecting its rich culture and traditional arts.
Having experienced many ups and downs of history, deeply imprinted by Buddhism over hundreds of years and also influenced by the immense contributions of its nearby countries, mainly India, China and Thailand, Myanmar is a country full of ancient culture and traditions. Despite the fact that the exposure to western culture somehow reshapes Myanmar’s culture, this Asian country still remains distinctive in terms of traditional arts. A Myanmar tour package will allow you to discover “Ten Flowers”, a metaphoric name of a list of ancient Myanmar arts is composed of 10 kinds of skills Panbe, Panbu, Pantain, Pantaut, Pantin, Panyan, Pantamault, Panpoot, Panchi, Panyun. These arts have been passed on from yesteryear counterparts to nowadays generation.