Bagan, site of the architectural wonders of the East, is considered the home of this art form Panyun is the art of making materials using bamboo, wood, and thick black paint. Lacquerware craftsmen produce begging bowl food bowl for Monaco and teacup pickled painted ship, cup, box Betel and cigar box. The artistry and historical values make many of the Panyun lacquerware invaluable.

Art of making lacquerware in Myanmar

Art of making lacquerware in Myanmar

The traditional lacquer drawing styles followed by Panyun artists and derived from the stories about Buddha’s life. The emergence of this art can be traced back to 11th Century A.D.

High Quality Lacquerware in Myanmar

High-Quality Lacquerware in Myanmar

In term of woven, the Burmese artisans finely cut bamboo into strips, and carefully build up mixtures of thit-see resin with clay and ash, finally, it will be polished with the ash of fossil wood. Afterward, these items will be undergone the process of etching or painting by hand. Burmese lacquerware is traditional of a unique terracotta color, with scenes from the Jatakas, the Buddha’s former existence. In recent time, designs are in deep, velvet black, with simpler figures laid on gold leaf. Whenever you take a Bagan tour, do not miss your chance to discover this brilliant art of the Burmese people.