The making of materials of copper, bronze or brass is called Patin. The historical period where the archeological record contains many bronze artifacts is known as the Bronze Age.

Pantin - Art of Bronze Casting

Pantin – Art of Bronze Casting

Owning to this traditional art, a number of things including triangular brass gong, gong, and brass bowl for monk are produced under the skillful hands of the artisans. The traditional coppersmith’s craft of Myanmar appeared before Bagan period and it witnessed an improvement during the period of Bagan and Ava.

A wax carver at a bronze casting studio, Myanmar

A wax carver at a bronze casting studio, Myanmar

Every pagoda in Myanmar has triangle bells, which twirl when struck and ring with a sweet rising and falling tone. Moreover, there are gongs slung from carved ivory or wood elephant trunks, which are prized as dinner gongs. This is indeed a valuable thing that Burmese people could crow about. The artisans also create bells and other castings such as weights and cow bells with different sizes and shapes, which are common as souvenirs.