Reason Why We Should Visit Myanmar – SEA Newest Attractions

Myanmar Culture

After many years of autocracy, Myanmar is swiftly flourishing as one of the best tourist attractions in Southeast Asia in general and Asia in particular. Time-honored history together with the combination between traditional values and newly imported modernity in the land of “sleeping beauties” are eagerly waiting to be explored. If you are still wondering whether you should take a Myanmar trip or not, this article will give you an exact answer.

What makes Myanmar so stupendous?

Yangon is the staple city, the ancient capital of Myanmar which is called a salad bowl of culture with plentiful of traditional values coming from many areas, furthermore, you can find some of the best food in Southeast Asia here. If you are the one who adores history and things belonging to the past, you will definitely fall in love with this humid and dusty city. The feature of the city is Shwedagon pagoda – the world’s largest of its kind with the gold-covered layer which looks like a beacon outshining almost everything and every corner during the day and night. You need to hold your breath when standing at the sky bar with a beer at sunset and take a look at this centuries-old monument, the view will absolutely blow your mind.Myanmar Attractions
In comparison with Thailand and Cambodia regarding the number of tourists, Myanmar is not a strong competitor since it is a new spot; as a result, Myanmar remains the unspoiled landscapes and attractions. That is the reason why you should put Myanmar first on your travel list in Southeast Asia; instead of traveling in a popular and crowded spot, you can explore a new place where exists unimpaired scenery as well as monuments – it’s time to get off the beaten track. From snow-capped summits that reach over 5000m in the north to spreading rainforests and white sand beaches dotted with the historical pagodas and newly constructed resort – an exotic combination between convention and contemporaneity, Myanmar will never let you down.

Myanmar offers the best places to visit

After finishing your trip in Yangon to visit ancient pagodas and experience the lifestyles of a salad bowl, you can make your way north to Bagan to contemplate one of the world’s largest temple complex on the bank of Irrawaddy River; moreover, the hot-air-balloon travel will offer you the opportunities to take pleasure in the endless temples, breath-taking sights of sunrise and sunset. From Bagan, you should head north to Mandalay which is the entrance to the northern areas.
One of the best attractions you should not ignore is Inle Lake which is situated in Shan state. The landscapes along two sides of the river are so charming and you will have the chance to experience local activities of Burmese by staying with a local family on the lake. Additionally, you can spend your Christmas here with a wine in hand watching the beautiful sunset over the curling mountains and evergreen rice paddies.Inle Lake Fishermen

Myanmar offers a lower cost of travel

The lower price and travel fees make Myanmar one of the best places to visit in Asia. You just have to spend a small amount of money on eating and drinking since the price of local beverage and food is extremely low-priced. Accommodation is the only thing that may charge you a bit more, you can easily find for yourself a fine hotel with a reasonable price in Myanmar. However, if you want luxury accommodation to take pleasure in the conveniences and modernity, there is a wide range of deluxe ones waiting for you.
Transport works quite efficiently and is always available. Local lines will bring you the best comfortableness and are certainly way better than anything you may have experience elsewhere (particularly China). Sleeper buses are a good option for the not too long trip around the city with economical fees.Why you should visit Myanmar

Group travel will bring you the best experience in Myanmar although a private trip sometimes brings great feelings for those who love the tranquil and want to explore the country by their lonesome. When traveling in a group, you will have more opportunities to get a discount, especially for accommodation.
Myanmar to me there are no modern high-rise buildings, no luxury cars running down the road, where there are only pagodas in the middle of the forest, crowns flying over the sky, carriages running on the dusty road, the girls smiled laughter thanaka … All created a unique character for this country, so every traveler is fascinated forever.

The highlights of Myanmar are not skyscrapers or high-rise buildings, luxury cars running downs the street, this beautiful land features with pagodas in the middle of the forest, crowns flying over the sky, carriages running on the dusty roads, the “thanaka women”… All of this creates a unique country – a new tourist attraction where the traditional values are combined with the development of the modern world.Myanmar woman with Thanaka on face