Restaurants in Mandalay

Myanmar is known as the Mecca of budget eating heaven. Each region has its own features and own specialties. Mandalay serves various foods from traditional rice-and curry dishes to Eastern and Asian cuisine. Structure in Mandalay’s restaurants is also very different as it combines Shan-architecture with colonial style. If you are looking for the best restaurants while taking a day trip from Mandalay to savor the best Burmese cuisine in Myanmar tours, this article will provide you with a detailed list of information.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mandalay, Myanmar

1. Bistro At 82nd

Address: 82nd St | between 30 and 31th Street, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 250 121 280

bistro - the best restaurant in Mandalay

2. Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant

Address: 71st, Between 28th & 29th Street | Chan Aye Tharzan Mandalay Myanmar
Tel: +95 2 60 480

Mingalabar Myanmar Restaurant - ideal Mandalay restaurant

3. Aung Lin Restaurant

Address: No.( 109), 30 Street, Bet 80 X 81Streets, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 95223151

Aung Lin Restaurant

Aung Lin Restaurant1






4. Marie Min

Address: 27th Street, Between 74th and 75th Street, Mandalay, Myanmar

Marie Min restaurant - a good restaurant in Mandalay

5. NOVA Coffee

Address: 37 St, Bet 79 & 80 St | A/146, Mandalay Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: +(95)9402766721

NOVA Coffee - a great restaurant in Mandalay

6. Shan Ma Ma

Address: no. 4-8, 81st St., Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 092054765

7. Super 81

Address: No 582 81st Street | Between 38th and 39th Street, Mandalay Myanmar

8. Aye myit tar

Address: No 530 81st Street, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 31627

Aye Myit Tar Restaurant

9. Green Elephant

Address: No 3H 27th Street, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 0274273

Green Elephant Restaurant

10. Spice Garden Restaurant

Address: No.417, corner of 63 rd & 22 nd Road, Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 95261177

Top 10 Recommended Restaurants in Mandalay 

A little Bit of Mandalay

Address: No. 413/B, Blk 803, 65 Street, Between 27 – 28 Street. Mandalay

a little bit of Mandalay - top 10 recommended restaurants in Mandalay
Tel: 02 61295

Golden Duck

Add: 192, Blk 59, Cor of 16th St & 80th St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 36808

B B B Bar & Restaurant

Add: 292, Blk 609, 76th St, Bet; 26th St & 27th St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 25623

B B B Bar & Restaurant

Cafe City

Add: 66th St, Bet; 20th St & 21st St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 28769

Oriental House

Add: 8, Blk 801, Cor of 27th St & 64th St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 61143

Rupar Mandalar

Add: A-15, Cor of 30th St & 35th St, Chan Aye Thar San Township, Mandalay
Tel: 02 61553

Shwe Pazun

Add: 28, Blk 735, 70th St, 28th St & 29th St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 60814

Shwe Pazun Restaurant

Sandar May

Add: No.464/A, 33rd St., Cor of 81st St., Mandalay
Tel: 02 68226

Kone Htet

Add: No.229, 28th St. Bet 80th & 81st St., Mandalay
Tel: 02 24100

Yar Ma Nya

Add: No.25, 44th St., Bet 81st & 82nd St., Mandalay
Tel: 02 63087

Anu Pyin Nyar ( Htet Arkar )

Address: No. 155, Blk 579, 84 Street, Between 30-31 Street. Mandalay
Tel: 02 38128

Marie-Min Vegetarian Restaurant

Opening Hours: 08:00-21:00
Address: 27th Street, Between 74th Street and 75th Street.

Marie Min Vegetarian Restaurant - one of the best restaurants in Mandalay for vegetarians


Add: 64 Street, Between 36 -37 Street, Mandalay


Add: Blk 805, Cor of 27th St & 34th St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 33335

Golden Spider

Add: 436, Blk 571, Cor of 32nd St & 81st St, Mandalay
Tel: 02 26085

Aya Myit Tar Myanmar Restaurant

Opening Hours: 08:30-21:30
Add: No. 530, 81st Street