Thank You for Planning Our Route in Detailed So Well

feedback from Susanne and Juergen STEINER

Clients: Susanne & Juergen Steiner
Pax: 2 pax
Nationality: Austria
Itinerary: Best of Myanmar 9 Days

Hi Sophie,

We arrived safely and will give you some opinions about our tour. We´ve been to different parts of Asia, always once a year for the last 17 years and we are convinced that Myanmar is the most enchanting destination we could choose.
Thank you for planning our route in detail so well. You always chose the exact right period from one highlight to the next.
We also want to thank our guides: Ms. Nan, Mr. Aung, Ms. Su, Ms. Jam. They did such a good job!!! Please help me to tell them.
During 9 days, we could experience the beauty of your country, the importance of your history, of your religion, of families; the wisdom, patience, and hospitality of the people.
It was exceptional and unforgettable!

Please tell us if it is possible and safe to visit Mrauk U. We would like to come for a second visit.

Best regards,

Juergen Steiner

feedback from Susanne and Juergen STEINER 1

feedback from Susanne and Juergen STEINER 3