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myeik archipelago

Myeik Archipelago, which is sometimes pronounced as “Beik” instead of Myeik, is not just a pleasant and beautiful inland town in the southern part of Myanmar but it is also a collection of different sizes of natural islands. Today, it is one of the best destinations for Myanmar tours. The natural composition of the island, its beauty, and uniqueness making the archipelago a blessing from God for Myanmar.

For most tourists, Myeik is popularly known as Mergui Island or the Mergui Archipelago. In the Andaman Sea, there are more than 800 islands that are a part of Myeik. As the islands are untouched, Myeik still stands as one of the blessings from God.
Globally appreciated pebble beaches can be found among Myeik islands along with the people of Salom tribe who are still enjoying their traditional and natural ways of living between boats and fishing, the islands fill with valuable bird nests and 5-star islands with underwater coral reefs. These priceless natural sceneries make Myeik one of the most precious treasures of Myanmar.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to visit the Myeik islands. You can take a day trip from Myeik city to its islands or spend the whole night there if you are planning to enjoy it to your fullest.

Attractions in Myeik Archipelago

Thamee Hla Island

The beach has more sea rocks than sand, but the snorkeling site of that island is remarkable. When you get to see the natural coral reefs and the colorful schools of fish in real life, it will make your travel to the island memorable. One gentle reminder is the jellyfish. They sting badly so beware!

Smart Island

Smart Island is called Par pank island in Burmese. There you can find an outstanding pebble beach. It is one of the rarest six pebble beaches. On the coast of Smart Island, one of Myeik’s island groups of Myanmar, there exists not only the pebble beach but also another different unique beach. What this means is that the shore with transparent blue water, this beach can be discovered on the east side of the island. On the west side is the freshest, cleanest and most natural beach you might ever visit. Between the two beaches is a small jungle walkway that bridges them. It will take you just around 3 minutes to get to one beach to another. I sure you will also be left speechless by how beautiful the island is with its natural cave and two outstanding beaches.

Smart island a beautiful destination to visit in Myeik archipelago

Lay Island

The main attraction of the island is viewing the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. There is a little lane acting as bridges for the front and back of the island. You can walk through the rocks when the tide is high. The water is transparently green, one note for swimmers is that the beach is quite steep. As there are food stalls at the beach, you can spend a night there in the tents. Of course, it is not a 5-star hotel, but there is water, and there are electricity and food. What more could you possibly need?

Mount Mali Bird Nest

This is an island completely decorated with rocks, not an inch of beach to put your foot on. You can find cute little houses on the walls of the Rocky Mountains, little houses with little ladders hanged. Outsiders are not allowed to approach them. There are people who guard these houses. They look after the birds and keep the bests when the birds finally abandon them. It is an island where you can get wholly natural authentic bird nests. That Mount Mali of the island which stands out of all the other islands with beaches holds its own beauty.
If you want to explore more, you can always go to Done Nyaung Mine Island where the original Salon tribe, aka Mawkin, resides for now. You can learn about the traditions and habits of the Salon people, the hero of the sea, who surprisingly hasn’t changed much in years.

Myeik City

Last but not least, the city itself is one of the must-see attractions in Myeik Archipelago tours as the city itself offers thousands of wonders. The dynamic of the city which is fuelled by its fruitful business ma Stefan D Progovackes it even more amazing. In this coastal city, you can still find the colonial buildings alongside the docks, which are currently in operation and the aquaculture farms of lobsters and soft shell crabs.
You can admire the historical Reclining Buddha statue which bridges the two islands called Pahtaw and pahtet. You can enjoy the sunset where the sun rests on the west shores of Pahtaw Pahte islands at Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda.
Besides, Phaya Gyi Street is also a highlight. This is a short lane which welcomes the visitors with colorful monasteries and rest houses. This street is truly visually appealing. You can just witness how religious the Myeik people from walking past that little street. The clean and gorgeous monasteries with astounding architecture and crafts reflect not only the discipline but also the artistic stand of the city.

myeik city

Myeik Archipelago Travel Guides

The Best Time to Visit Myeik Archipelago

As with much the rest of Myanmar, from November to April is the best time to visit Myeik Archipelago. This time, the weather is comfortable and beautiful with warm weather, steady winds, and calm water.
From May to September is the monsoon season, this time, the beach is closed and cruises do not operate.

How to Get to Myeik Archipelago

If you are traveling around Myanmar and want to combine your trip to Myeik, you need to get a flight from Yangon to Kawthaung. It takes about 1 hour and a half to travel from Yangon to Kawthaung. The flight ticket can be arranged by us. Contact us for more details.

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