An Uncanny Yangon

Swedagon Pagoda

The ancient capital of Myanmar – Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations in Asia. Once you set your foot here, you will be completely enchanted by the evergreen lakes, shady parks, and lush tropical plants. This is the reason why Yangon is called “Garden of the East”.
Swedagon Pagoda
Taking a Yangon tour, you will feel like you are wallowing in a different world, a sphere of “sleeping villages”. Everything seems to be old, quiet and mysterious especially the time-honored abbeys and pagodas which hide in the small forests situated in Thanlyin and Kyauktan town. The festivals in Kyaik Khauk pagoda located in Kyauktan is one of the biggest fairs in the region. Not far from that, there is a village called Twante which is famous for the traditional pottery making techniques that have been continuing to exist until now.
Kyaik Khauk pagoda
Moreover, the original architecture of the Shwedagon temple – an ancient wonder of the world will blow your mind. Being built 2500 years ago, it has a height of 98 meters and is a gold-colored light situated at the heart of the city which holds the hair remains of the Buddha.