Car & Motorcycle Travel in Myanmar

Car travel through Myanmar

Myanmar’s roads are comparatively rough. Along with that, the old and inconvenient vehicles are also a matter of foreign visitors’ concern. However, car and motorcycle travel are still interesting means of transportation in Myanmar that brings you a great experience in case you have your own private drive and travel with a newer motorbike or choose an air-conditioned car instead of crowded bus. This article is going to give you a look into car and motorcycle travel in Myanmar.
Here’re several road conditions that you should know if you’re going to take this kind of travel experience.

– During rainy season which lasts from May to October, roads become dangerous for drivers and travelers. Depend on each area, some roads may be closed.
– In fact, 50% of the roads within the country are under the unsealed condition. However, even the ones that are sealed are still rough.

Car travel through Myanmar
Car travel through Myanmar

Drive on Your Own in Myanmar 

Most tourists to Myanmar do not often choose this option as their travel experience. If it’s your choice, you should choose a local to accompany you on the road. Contact the local government-run travel agency or Road Transportation Administration Department to get permission.

Hire a Car or Driver in Myanmar 

Although hiring a car and driver is not cheap, it is a good way to travel in Burma trips. You can arrange a private driver or a taxi via guesthouses or travel agencies. In such well-known destinations as Inle Lake, Bagan or Mandalay, plenty of travel agencies provide car or driver rental service.
In case you are trying to rent a car with a driver, have a look at the main types of cars.
– Tourist cars: Those care are quite new and comfortable with air-conditioning, though the most expensive option. The price includes driver’s expenses, petrol and the length of the trip.
– Taxis: Taxis are becoming more and more popular than ever as it is a midrange option. There’re both taxis with or without air condition.
– Private cars: Among types of cars, this is the cheapest option. However, you are exposed to risks and drawbacks. Moreover, there is less chance for you to get a back-up car in case of breakdown.

Road Rules in Myanmar

One of the most interesting parts of traveling is to grab a chance to know more about the home country’s culture and tradition. Visit Myanmar or most Southeast Asian countries, you will know the fact that Myanmar traffic travels on the right-hand roadside.

Motorcycle in Myanmar 

In every part of the country, it is possible to hire a motorbike. The most obvious advantage of this kind of transportation is that it allows you to take a long-distance trip with your own schedule and get easy access to remote areas, thereby exploring villages, valleys or points of your interest.

Motorbike travel in Myanmar
Motorbike travel in Myanmar