Cinema Halls in Mandalay

Cinema Hall in Mandalay

Located 668 km north from Yangon, Mandalay was once the capital of the third Myanmar Empire. Mandalay’s value lies in that it is a repository of late Myanmar history. Mandalay embodies all the elements of Myanmar’s ancient educational, social and cultural system. Mandalay is the home and guardian of the best traditions of Myanmar music and dance. This bustling city boasts cinema halls, beauty salons, spas and karaoke lounge in the most populated part of the city. Have a look at the list of all cinema halls in the city below to pick up the most suitable one to go in your Mandalay tour.

Mingalar Diamond Cineplex
Location: Diamond Plaza, Tower B, 5th Floor | Chan Aye Thar Zan Tsp,Mandalay, Myanmar
Tel: 09402765641

Mingalar Diamond Cineplex

Mingalar Diamond Cineplex







Ma Soe Yein
Location: 80th St., Bet. 26th St. & 27th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 21287

Myo Myint
Location: 82nd St., Bet. 20th St. & 21st St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 21979

Myoe Gon Yaung
Location: Cor. of 31st St. & 83rd St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 22141

Location: Cor. of 28th St & 81st St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 38719

Nay Pyi Daw
Location: Bet. 25th St. & 26th St., Bet. 87th St. & 88th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 27771

Shwe Nagar
Location: 80th St., Bet. 27th St. & 28th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 21873

Win Light
Location: 84th St., Bet. 32nd St. & 33rd St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 22461

Location: 90th St., Bet. 34th St. & 35th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 21995