Karaoke Lounges in Mandalay

Karaoke Lounges in Mandalay

The mysterious and undiscovered Myanmar is well-known among international tourists due to its endowed landscaped beauty and hidden charm yet to only recently emerging into the modern world. What people normally see, however, is just only one emerging part of an iceberg; deep inside the breathtaking beauty of the laid-back city of Mandalay is actually home to the noisy pastime. There are many karaoke lounges scattered throughout the city where visitors will get the possibility to channel their inner rock star and showcase their talent while taking a Mandalay tour. What challenges these demanding guests is to make the decision of which among the lounges should be chosen for the singing session. The following is the list to try out.

Karaoke Lounges in MandalayKaraoke Lounges in Mandalay1






Top 5 Best Mandalay Ktv

9 Star
Location: 8,66th St., Bet. 30th St. & 31st St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 99060320

King Star
Location: 47,83rd St., Bet. 20th St. & 21st St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 38513

Light Ace
Location: 19-20,30th St., Bet. 65th St. & 66th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 92003546

Maha Meik
Location: 83-84,68th St., Bet. 33rd St. & 34th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 23389

Music City
Location: Plot (813),30th St., Bet. 64th St. & 65th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 99060010

Recommended Ktv in Mandalay

Myanmar Lion
Location: 65th St., Bet. 26th St. & 27th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 39344

New Sweet
Location: 142,79th St., Bet. 29th St. & 30th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 38562

Peace & Joy
Location: 86th St., Top of 33rd St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 28073

Location: 161,26th St., Bet. 79th St. & 80th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 28197

Star Light
Location: 26th (B) St., Bet. 64th St. & 65th St. Mandalay
Tel: 02- 35274

Location: Plot (704),Cor. of 33th St. & 74th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 31163

Location: 117,38th St., Bet. 83rd St. & 84th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 63229

Location: 83rd St., Bet. 37th St. & 38th St., Mandalay
Tel: 02- 34193

With these useful information above, we believe that you have found yourself a suitable KTV to go while traveling to Mandalay. However, if you need more guides for entertainment in other parts of Myanmar, click here to find out more!