The unique set of cultural traditions and idiosyncrasies makes the culture of Myanmar outstanding, reputed, intriguing and mysterious among Southeastern Asian countries. Some traditions are interesting, but sometimes challenges visitors a little bit. The fascinating performance art of zat-pwe is a perfect answer for the above argument.

Myanmar Concert (Myanmar A-Nyeint or Zat-Pwe)

Myanmar Concert (Myanmar A-Nyeint or Zat-Pwe)

There is nowhere else except for Myanmar you could see fun, laughter, and theatrical entertainment. For Myanmar, siang (music of the orchestra played to celebrate any event) companies him from his first wah-wah until his death. Through the journey of his life, everything he encounters is accompanied by saing. Even when he passes away, the dolorous note of the Monkey King’s Lament will be the title of the funeral music.

“Zat” means story, and “pwe” means performance, zat-pwe therefore is translated as a medium for storytelling. It is deeply rooted in the traditions of the country and considered the most enduring and energetic medium of Myanmar. To gain insights into the zat-pwe therefore, requires efforts and time as you couldn’t understand by casual observation. They normally take place under the cover of moonlight, only start at 2 or 3 am, these marathon performances last throughout the night.
Myanmar Concert (Myanmar A-Nyeint or Zat-Pwe) Myanmar Concert (Myanmar A-Nyeint or Zat-Pwe)






Zat-pwe, a traditional form of musical theatre, is a unique set of Myanmar so you could enjoy this while taking a Myanmar tour package only. Despite the recent borrowing of some elements of slapstick comedy, dance, theatrical melodrama, and even pop music into its performances, zat-pwe is an extraordinarily combined art performance art, and one of the most stunning shows of culture through artistic expression, with the performance of many men and woman on the stage.

All of these elements combined to deliver the audience stories of Myanmar’s history, interpretations of Buddhist tales and illustrations of local lifestyles in fantastic and magical color.

Despite featuring some common characteristics with apsara dance of Cambodia or traditional Thai forms of performance art, exceptionally energetic style showcasing the athletic prowess of its performers, as well as the interpretive movement and angular poses that tell its story sets zat-pwe apart from its theatrical cousins.

Zat-pwe is performed by several artists on the stage, but what makes zat-pwe unique is that its performers’ characteristics partially contribute to the show. The often very different styles of each artist work together in partially improvised explosions of energy, and live orchestras provide a soundtrack that matches the movements of performers on the spot.
These epic performances challenge the exceptional endurance of the audience as they can take place well into the night. These fascinating extravaganzas are indispensable parts of a trip to this beautiful country.