Exploring The City of Bagan

City of Bagan – Myanmar is well-known for developing as the center of industrial sector of Myanmar. Today, tourists on Bagan tours can visit and witness the working stages of the work.

City of Bagan – Myanmar is considered the most prominent areas of Southeast Asia and has attracted many tourists to come here with 1000 years of history. Bagan kingdom was established in the 8th century, and then became the capital of Burma in the early 11th century. Ancient History has shown that there are about 4446 temples were built, but so far, only 2230 temples remained and were organized by the UNESCO as cultural heritage in 1988.
King Anawrahta, the ruler of the kingdom since 1044 – 1077, began to build the temples on the vast plains. The kingdom weakened in the 13th century, many pieces of evidence shown that Mongols army, led by Kublai Khan General that had invaded and defeated the army of King Anawrahrta. Then the capital was moved to Pinya and then to Inwa near the city of Mandalay – Myanmar still preserved many historic relics in centuries.

Exploring Bagan - The ancient city of temples.
Exploring Bagan – The ancient city of temples.

A lot of temples are cultural wonders of the world, is still attractive to many tourists. These works are hardly used to cement while maintaining a solid architecture. But large dome built cleverly. The cell windows were also ingeniously arranged for collecting sunlight shining on the face of the Buddha statue, created the halo over the statue.
Today, the City of Bagan – Myanmar has many hotels and restaurants to serve tourists visiting the temples. At dusk, guests can relax and watch the sunset over the Ayeyarwady River and enjoy a cocktail. The environment here is very serene, airy, make sense to you live closer to the local people here. Bagan is also famous as the largest center of lacquer industry in Myanmar. You can visit the factory and see the work of skilled craftsmen. Most products in these lacquer workshops were taken to the city of Yangon – Myanmar, and then exported to the world market.

You can also spend a little time to visit Mount Popa in the north or Salay village in the south. Mount Popa is a religious center and the pride of Myanmar. Temple on the mountain kept a lot of big Buddha statues, and this place is also attracted many devoted Buddhists from all over Myanmar. Surrounding the sacred mountain is a national park. You can walk or carriage through the forest to watch and see rare and precious kinds of bird.
Salay is a leaf village, where still preserved some ancient temples and monasteries were built entirely of wood. The most attractive thing to the tourist is Youqson Kyaung Temple, built in the 19th century, this is the place carved in detail about the previous lives of the Buddha.