Each year, at the night on 31th December, the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is glowing from 9,000 bulbs and being fragrant from 9,000 roses that pilgrims offer.
Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is considered the jewel of the capital of Mon, Myanmar. This pagoda is famous for its “Golden Stone” or the Golden Rock. And it is seen as a miracle for Buddhists. You will take 1 hour away from the city of Yangon to come here, “The Golden Rock” is located on the top of mountain Kyaikhtiyo.

People praying for good health and wealth in Golden Rock.

People praying for good health and wealth at Golden Rock.

Kyaikhtiyo pagoda has the height of 5.5 meters. There are some old stories about this place that it preserved the Buddha’s hair, and placed on a large rock, the hair balances the rock lying above the cliff. Gold rock shaped like the head of a man. It is said that it is the head of a hermit who was responsible for bringing the Buddha’s hair and put it in his flounder before his death. He has left instructions to find the hair on the golden stone sitting on top of the pagoda, now known as the Golden Rock.

When admiring Golden Rock, you will be surprised that the rock seems to be in a balance on the cliff without falling down. Many Buddhists said: “This is the reason why many pilgrimages to the pagoda that will bring them good health and wealth like the rock”. During all the time getting to the pagoda, you will be watching a lot of beautiful natural scenery, some amusement parks, and some ruins of ancient temples remaining.

There are two ways to be able to get to Kyaikhtiyo pagoda that are taking a ride along the winding road or walking along the 11km long road through the dense lush forest. On the road to Kyaikhtiyo, you will encounter a number of ancient temples and sacred temples of the local people. The last point of the trip, you will get the parking under the top, and then you can take another one hour to walk to reach the top. The weak people can hire porters carrying to the top by sitting on a fabric hammock.