Indawgyi Lake – An Untouched Paradise in Myanmar

Indawgyi Lake, Kachin State, Myanmar

Indawgyi Lake is a great place for those who prefer to explore a secluded destination in Myanmar trip. Located in remote Kachin State, in the center of Myanmar, Indawgyi Lake is the largest lake in the country. However, it is today still untouched and primeval. For that reason, it is actually an amazing destination for backpackers as well as nature lovers.

Indawgyi-Lake in Kachin State

Indawgyi Lake History

For a long time, there was a legend about the history of Indawgyi Lake goes like this: once the Buddha visited the jungle in Kachin, where is now the heart of the northernmost state in Myanmar. There, he met a hermit who refused to welcome him. Likewise, the Buddha predicted that in the future, a great city known as See Khan would sprawl across the valley. the rude hermit would be reincarnated as the king of the city and he would lead the city sinful and hedonistic. As a result, the poor behavior of the kingdom enraged the nats (or natural spirits) that finally lead to the flood in the city.
Local villagers believe the great flood in the past is one that formed Indawgyi Lake. Now, Indawgyi lake is the largest freshwater lake in Myanmar and one of the largest inland lakes in Southeast Asia. It measures 13 kilometers west to east and 24 kilometers north to south. For a long time, the Shan and Kachin people are the residents on the lake. They live mainly by practicing agriculture

Activities to Do When Visiting Indawgyi Lake

Thanks to wild landscape, rural lifestyle and peaceful surrounding, Indawgyi is an ideal destination for adventures such as cycling, trekking, kayaking, and recreational fishing. It has become home to a variety of animal species and exotic birds. Therefore, it is definitely a not-to-be-missed place for nature lovers. With all wonderful things offered by this Myanmar’s largest lake, travelers will get the ultimate experience in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.
In addition to scenic natural scenery, Indawgyi Lake attracts travelers for a collection of 20 villages around the lake. Along with that, you will have an opportunity to meet friendly and highly cultured people.

Kayaking in Indawgyi Lake
Kayaking in Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake Weather

Like many parts in Myanmar, Indawgyi Lake weather divides into two distinctive seasons: the dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from October to May. This time, the lake experiences the most beautiful time in the year with less rainfall and relatively cool temperature. However, April is the hottest month of the year with the highest temperature can climb up to 35 ºC. The rainy season, on the other hands, creates a high range of rainfall. Nevertheless, it helps to cool down the heat of Myanmar and there is rarely storm happens during the wet season. Generally, the weather in Inle Lake is pleasant all year round. The average temperature in the region stays a lovely 25ºC.

Indawgyi Lake Attractions

If you have plenty of time, do not forget to travel further to take in views of stunning sights around the lake.

Shwe Myitzu Pagoda

For a long time, Shwe Myitzu Pagoda has been one of the most famous highlights of Indawgyi Lake. It is the holiest site in the state. Besides its ancient beauty, coupled with unique construction, the pagoda attracts an influx of visitors annually. Especially, pagoda festival of the region is wonderful with hustling and bustling atmosphere. Come here and enjoy an interesting festival ever.

Shwe Myitzu Pagoda in Indawgyi Lake

Shwe Taung (Golden Mountain)

Shwe Taung is a topped hill pagoda that provides a panoramic view of the whole area. Get access to the destination by motorboat or motorbike.
When to visit Indawgyi Lake? The Lake can be reached from the beginning of October to the end of May. It is important to know in order to plan a perfect trip.

Indawgyi Lakeside Serene Villages

There are numerous villages around Indawgyi Lake that tourists can pay a visit and interact with the locals. This is also one of the most interesting activities for travelers coming to Myanmar as you will have a chance to experience rural life in the country. Some of the best villages to visit in Indawgyi Lake are:
Lwemun Village
Situated on a hillside in the western shore of Indawgyi, Lwemun village is probably the most stunning destination to visit in Indawgyi. It noted with the unpaved road, small stilt-houses, and extremely simple life. There are two monasteries, a Nat shrine, and shrine in the villages where tourists can learn about the story of the lake.
Hepa Village
Hepa village stays in the east shore of Indawgyi. To date, people in the village have remained their life on stilt-houses. Possessing the scenic landscape one overlooking at the spectacular mountain and another faces to the serene lake, the village of Hepa is sure to make tourists fall in love with it at first sight!

hepa village nearby Indawgyi LakeNamde Village
Located in the back of the lakeshore, Namde Village is well-known for its turn-off point to Shwe Myitzu Pagoda and the home to two elephants (one male, one female). Visitors traveling to Namde Village can head southward from the turn-off point of Shwe Myitzu Pagoda to reach the house opposite the office of the Tai-Leng Nationalities Development Party.

Indawgyi Lake Travel Guides

When is The Best Time to Travel to Indawygyi Lake?

From October to December is the best time to visit Indawgyi Lake because of this time the lake experience the most comfortable weather. Nevertheless, tourists are able to visit Indawgyi Lake at any time of the year. Nevermind about the heat in summer because the water will cool down the heat. During the rainy season from June to September, it might be a bit difficult to visit Indawgyi Lake, but once you can arrange a visit, you will have a chance to witness a unique beauty after every rain.

Indawgyi Lake Accommodation

Indawgyi Budget Motel
This is the only foreigner-licensed accommodation in Indawgyi Lake. Indawgyi Budget Motel perched right on the west shore. Facilities are basic with simple rooms and a shared bathroom.
Besides, there are several homestays nearby Indawgyi Lake if you want to stay closer to the life of the locals. For more information about staying in a homestay, please contact us to get the free quote!