Lashio Adventure – Myanmar Off The Beaten Track

Lashio Off the Beaten Track Myanmar

Among tourist attractions in Myanmar typical destinations that have been popular with tourists all around the world, Lashio may still remain undercover secret with many people and yet less traveled. Lashio is truly the brand new destination in Myanmar that is not official on the tourist trail. As a result, this unsung destination is the perfect place to fully indulge in the natural beauty with an adventure to the spectacular waterfalls that no vehicle can access it. Furthermore, if you are planning to find an ecotourism site in Myanmar to blend with the untouched landscape, Lashio is there for you. Located in northern Shan State, Lashio is the largest town in the state spreading 200 kilometers which offers you myriads of amazing activities such as hiking, biking, waterfall swimming, boarding and an opportunity to soak in the vibrant community to encounter the rich culture of the locality. All of the impression ensure to take your breath away.

Good Morning, Lashio!

The morning market in Lashio town is truly wonderful for visitors to approach the lively daily exchange of local people. Situated closely to the China border, it is easy to witness the significant impact of China culture on the products here making it various from types to types such as handicrafts, vegetables, clothing, and local staples.

Explore Lashio Attractions

Leave behind the bustling market, Mansu Shan Monastery is the most outstanding pagoda in Lashio provides you a magnificent view overlooking to the town. Though it is not a very big pagoda, it possesses many Buddha statues and you can feel the tranquil ambiance while walking around take awesome pictures, smelling the scent of the essence and deep into the sacred atmosphere of the pagoda.
Waterfall perhaps the most stunning site that completely excites you in the trip to Lashio. Dark Horse Falls is an ideal place for you to explore and swim on the lake below the slope of the waterfall. If you are a nature lover, it is essential to hiking up the streams to reach the wonderful waterfall and refresh yourself with the crystal clear water surrounded by the lush jungles.YanTieAung Pagoda Lashio Shan State
Lashio countryside possessing the breathtaking landscape with verdant greenery and the ethnic minorities living in local houses sparsely scatter along the road. Visitors coming to this tranquil village will get the fantastic experience from cycling through both smooth and bumpy roads in the unknown land with jungles in one side and picturesque paddies on the other side and behold the spectacular mountains blend with drifting clouds to hiking up the majestic Back to the village, you will have the chance to soak into the cultural diversity with friendly villagers. The people here preserving their simple life but full of happiness. Their welcome will definitely surprise you. Here you can spend free time to play with the kids, they may do not understand your language but totally cute and friendly. Then a chance to have an overnight in the local homestay is also available. Eventually, the wide range of mouthwatering dishes of authentic Lashio food with Shan noodle will fulfill your amazing adventure. You can join hand to make the noodle for yourself under the guidance of the host following simple recipe with chicken, rice noodle and green onion.Temple in Lashio

When is the best time to visit Lashio?

The best time to visit Lashio on your Myanmar tour is from November to February when the weather is pleasant and dry. However, if you intend to travel to Lashio at other time, here are the useful information for you to master Lashio weather.
• Lashio is coolest in January and the temperature can fall to 13˚C and warmest in April with the highest temperature can reach 38˚C.
• Generally, the average temperature here is always high at 27˚C.
• March is the most appropriate time for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty as well as look for the waterfalls cause it is the driest month.
• Lashio experiences most rainfall in May, June, August, September, and October.Lashio Adventure - Myanmar Off The Beaten Track