“Stay true to the most precious part of your humanity – your conscience” – Aung San Suu Kyi
To those people who are interested in discovering Myanmar mystery, Myanmar astrology system is one of the great things to learn. And even if you are taking a Burma tour and looking for the facts of the country, this article will help you to uncover something about the majestic golden land.  Burmese zodiac animal signs have their origin from ancient monks of Myanmar. This astrological system is based on the understanding of the cosmic world, which is incorporated with the observations of skies and the wildlife
This astrology branch is called Mahabote, translated to be “little vessel” or “little key” as well. The reason is that it is just a minor branch-off derived from the broader Hindu astrological system. Big things compose of small packages, however, Mahabote is truly a key to extremely powerful insight together with the esoteric realm.

Burmese Zodiac Signs

Burmese Zodiac Signs

Burmese astrology absolutely relies on the number eight. Not only it balances the cosmos, but it also reflects the harmony of power and promotes a pleasant atmosphere.
Here are the vital elements of Eight in Myanmar astrology:
Eight Planetary Energies
Eight Days of the Week
Eight Cardinal Directions
Eight Burmese Zodiac Animal Signs

– The ancient Burmese astrological system is based on seven planets, plus Rahu. Rahu is unique for it is a conceptual celestial planet. Theoretically defined, it is the intersection point among the earth, sun and moon at the time of the eclipse. Rahu also serves as an invisible planet of the Burmese zodiac system for astrological purpose. Therefore making the eight planetary entities in Burmese astrological system.
– Mahabote is also based on the eight days of the week. For the extra day, Wednesday is split in half in order to make two days: Wednesday morning (12:01 am to 12:00 p.m.) and Wednesday afternoon (12:01 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.).
– Another aspect of this astrological form includes the cardinal directions. As there are eight cardinal directions, each one will move slightly in its distinct symbolic energy. Your direction, which is determined by your day of birth is able to prove beneficial for you. Unlike sun signs, this form of astrology has animal zodiac signs, which are identified by the weekday you were born.

Zodiac animal sign: Tiger
Day of Week Born: Monday
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling Direction: East
Personality/Attributes of the Tiger:
 Intelligent, intuitive, high alert.
 An eye for detail
 Strong and patient, but only to a point
 Dislike being utilized, being wasted time
 Responsible, goal-oriented and ambitious

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Tiger

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Tiger (Monday)

Zodiac animal sign: Lion
Day of Week Born: Tuesday
Ruling Planet: Mars
Ruling Direction: Southeast
Personality/Attributes of the Lion:
 A natural leader, noble person
 Self-respect, strong-willed, opinionated
 Decisive, challenge willing taker

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Lion

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Lion (Tuesday)

Zodiac animal sign: Elephant (with tusks)
Day of Week Born: Wednesday Morning
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Ruling Direction: South
Personality/Attributes of the Tusked Elephant:
 Unpredictable, enthusiastic
 Risk-taker
 Spontaneous, passionate
 Independent, like to be in control of all situations

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Elephant

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Elephant (Wednesday Morning)

Zodiac animal signs: Elephant (no tusks)
Day of Week Born: Wednesday Afternoon
Ruling Planet: Rahu
Ruling Direction: Northwest
Personality/Attributes of the Elephant (no tusks):
 Contradictory nature, hard to figure out
 Private, detest people meddling in your business
 Good at motivating yourself
 Certain action taker, successful, achievements accomplished

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Tusk-less Elephant

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Tusk-less Elephant (Wednesday Afternoon)

Zodiac animal sign: Rat
Day of Week Born: Thursday
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling Direction: West
Personality/Attributes of the Rat:
 Clever, witty, intelligent
 Able to tap into resource and find opportunities
 Maybe introverted
 Unstoppable
 Focused and have a knack for getting ahead

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Rat

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Rat (Thursday)

Zodiac animal signs: Guinea Pig
Day of Week Born: Friday
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling Direction: North
Personality/Attributes of the Guinea Pig:
 Naturally artistic, creative
 Have tons of fabulous ideas, but hard to complete
 Go in various directions at once
 Easily get bored and tired
 Loving, kind and sympathetic, sensitive

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Guinea Pig

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Guinea Pig (Friday)

Zodiac animal sign: Dragon
Day of Week Born: Saturday
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Ruling Direction: Southwest
Personality/Attributes of the Dragon:
 Philosophical, understanding
 Naturally attracted for an easy confidence
 Not like depending on others

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Dragon

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Dragon (Saturday)

Zodiac animal sign: Garuda (mythical bird, Hindu/Buddhist bird deity)
Day of Week Born: Sunday
Ruling Planet: Sun
Ruling Direction: Northeast
Personality/Attributes of the Garuda:
Kind, generous
Overly gracious
Challenge willing taker
The tougher the obstacle the more motivated you are
Energetic, optimistic, motivative to others

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign - Garuda Eagle

Myanmar Animal Zodiac Sign – Garuda Eagle (Sunday)