Top 5 Destinations for Myanmar Family Travel

kalaw - a perfect Myanmar family holiday destination to getting away from the crowd

Most of us who travel to Myanmar love the country for its antique colonial buildings, magnificent temples, energetic streets and a heady mix of chaos and lethargy. At Go Myanmar Tours, we often hear from our customers unsure where to travel with their families in Myanmar. And yet, with the unrevealed beauty and a boutique of interesting activities for kids, a perfect Myanmar family travel can be made in Myanmar for you to stretch your limbs, broadening your little love’s minds, and celebrate the great outdoor activities! Below are the top 5 best destinations in Myanmar for family travel that we believe that you would love it immediately. Let’s check it out!


Located in the Shan State of Central Myanmar, Kalaw is a perfect Myanmar family holiday destination to getting away from the crowd to immerse in nature. The charming town might be well-known to most Myanmar visitors as the starting point of several days to trek to Inle Lake, but there are many more things to do in Kalaw that you and your family will want to spend more time to discover the town itself.
Visiting Kalaw on your family tour, we recommend you to try an absolutely amazing way to arrive in Kalaw: taking the train at NyaungShwe. The winding rail track which follows up to the old hill station provides you a window to the marvelous engineering and a candid glimpse into the local life.
From Kalaw, it’s worth to make a trip to the Green Hill Elephant Camp to know how elephant camp should be. You will have a chance to observe their daily life in nature, even more, you can try your hands on feeding them to fulfill your experience.
A soft trek in Kalaw also great for you to take to marvel at the natural beauty of Kalaw through the mesmerizing hill, breathe the fresh cool air, and explore the local daily life.


Stay in the Shan State toward the southwest, Pindaya is a beautiful hill town which will leave you with unforgettable experiences in your family holiday. Upon here, spend your time to explore the magnificent limestone cave where is filled with thousands of golden images of the Buddha. What’s more, you can learn about the interesting story of the prince who killed the giant spider to rescue the princess.
Together with discovering the cave, we recommend you to take several hours to trek through the hill to see the beautiful tea plantation. Here your guide will help you gain more knowledge about how the tea leaves are prepared for both drinking tea and fermented for the tea leaf salad – the most famous Myanmar traditional food. The town, rather than just exploring the farm life, Pindaya is home to the Danu, Palaung, and Pa-Oh people where you can spend your time to mingle with the people and share your own cultural experience.

Pindaya plantation - a great place for family travel

Indawgyi Lake

Despite being less visited than her sister Inle on the south, Indawgyi Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Myanmar. It is the same size as Manhattan Beach in California. And thus, Indawgyi Lake is one of the best Myanmar family holiday destinations in 2019. It’s where to immerse into the natural beauty and discover the authentic lifestyle of the locals. Kayaking, biking, and recreational fishing can be taken in the area. You can get on a kayak and paddle through the peaceful landscape. Don’t miss your chance to visit the floating Shwe Myitzu Pagoda, the holiest site in the state in your tours to Burma.
After amazing activities, reward at a local village to savor the coffee and try on the pancakes drizzled in Kachin honey.

indawgyi lake - a natural spot for Myanmar family holiday


Being the largest and most vibrant city in the country, Yangon is the not-to-miss destination for your family holiday in Myanmar. There are so many things to do once visiting the city: You can visit a chain of glittering pagodas including Botahtaung Pagoda and Sule Pagoda; marvel at the massive reclining Buddha image in Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda and take an exotic tuk-tuk to enjoy the hectic pace of the city life.
Additionally, trying local specialties is a cannot-miss part of a family trip. Sharing the border with China, India, and Thailand, Myanmar cuisine is influenced by the diverse cuisine of those countries. Let your family members know more about different ingredients in Asia while enjoying the food. The area around Sule Pagoda is well-known for numerous food stalls for you to savor the delicious dishes. One famous dish in Yangon is monhinga, which is rice noodle with fish in a slightly spicy sauce.
Finally, reward your late afternoon by a visit to the legend Shwedagon Pagoda, the pride of Yangon, if not Myanmar. Situated on the top of the hill, it raises dramatically high to be seen from every corner of the city. Spend your time to wander around the pagoda land at twilight, we sure that you cannot keep your heart from thrilling while marveling at the golden hue radiate on everything around you. Sit back and enjoy the view!

yangon - must-see destination in myanmar family holiday


Having just recognized as an official UNESCO Heritage Site, Bagan is no doubt a must-see destination for Myanmar family travel. With over 10000 temples built throughout the glorious past, it has been disappeared by many natural disasters. And now, over 3000 monuments still exist giving a wonderful archaeological site for scientists and tourists to explore. More than just sightseeing, your family is going to learn more about the fine art and architecture of the land in each charming destination you visit. We believe that your kids will be excited about taking a biking tour to discover the beautiful sites scatted on the plain.
Together with exploring the magnificent temples, get more knowledge about local life is also a worth-taking activity for your family holiday. The tranquil villages around Old Bagan are great places for your family to spend a visit and chat with the local people. You will see them doing their daily activities such as feeding chicken, pigs, and making sugar canes. The more you talk, the more you love the country and its people.

bagan - a must-see destination for Myanmar family travel