Trekking in Myanmar

Trekking in Myanmar

Are you on a Myanmar vacation? You have already gone sightseeing all the highlights, tried local specialties, and yet decided what to do next?
It is time to be involved in thrilling activities. Go trekking right now, we assure that your hope will be satisfied.

Trekking in Myanmar 

Trekking is always regarded as a several-day hard walk, which demands good health and full consciousness. However, nothing ventured nothing to gain, tremendous satisfaction after that short trip will well repay your investment.
That is to say, it is worth Trekking in Myanmar.
The hill regions in the upper part of the country could be an ideal place for travelers.

Trekking in Myanmar
Trekking in Myanmar

Best Trekking Routes in Myanmar 

Kalaw to Pindaya
Initially, you need to travel to Kalaw from Yangon. There should be no worry about the accommodation, or trekking guides for the trip as the tour operators arrange them for you. Kalaw is just the beginning of the trekking tour. The inhabitants of the southeast Shan mountain ranges are the Pao, Palaung and Danu. In the beginning, one needs to go across some Pao, Palaung and Danu villages which take more than 1 hour. Passing through these villages is a good chance to see and explore different Shan races’ life. Several families live together here, in a long line of houses, which is absolutely too wonderful for tourists to ignore. The tribes cultivate seasonal crops. There are also leaves called Say Ywat Kyi which are used by the Burmese to wrap the cheroot of the home-made cigar. The journey ends at Pindaya. The trekking trip may take about one day and one night.

Myanmar trekking to the Ethnic Hill Tribes
Ethnic Hill Tribes in Myanmar

Tourists can also go trekking in Kyaikhtiyo, Mon State where Kyaikhtiyo or the Golden Rock of Myanmar is located. The main base camp of the journey is situated in the base mountain range, about 160km far from Yangon. The hiking range is 11km from the base camp. The Golden Rock perches on top of the rocky mountain, about 3615 feet above sea level. Unlike in the past, it was very hard to reach, now thanks to much modern and convenient transportation the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda can be accessed easily. Convenient accommodations for visitors are available as well.

Kyaing Tong
Visitors can go trekking in the short-range strolls around the city, Kyaing Tong, villages of the Palaung and Eng tribes.

myanmar trekking to the villagers on the fields, Kyaing Tong
Villagers on the fields, Kyaing Tong

Around Inle
Available a 2-hour walk through the pine trees of the Shan states to Palaung Taunggyi Chey, the village in the foot of Myin Mahti hill 5602 ft. One can also visit Indein villages which is about an hour trek.