Some Useful Tips When Travel to Myanmar

The purpose of visiting a foreign country is to get to see different places there. This entails travel.
You may go by anything which conveys you: train, boat, plane, taxi, pony-cart, bullock-cart, trishaw (which is called ‘side-car’ here) or even by palanquin (to Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda).

 Travel facilities may not be the best in Myanmar
Travel facilities may not be the best in Myanmar.

Get travel tickets in time
So many people wish to travel, especially in the travel season, it is wise to get your travel tickets in time. There are many rules about when tickets may be bought that it is advisable to check early to be able to travel by the means of your choice on the day you wish to travel. Your tour agent will do it for you if you are using a tour agent. If you are going it alone, you will have to go it alone to the various booking offices.

Travel facilities may not be the best
Travel facilities may not be the most comfortable and you may have to ‘rough it out’. Trains may have a different kind of running water (no water in the wash-basin but water on the floor which ‘runs’ here and there with the rocking motion of the train). You may be asked to report too early to the airport and the plane may come in too late. The car you hired may have alternate types going flat. The cab-driver may be as bewildered as you concerning whereas bouts of your inn. But this is part of the adventure of travel.

Shut seat-window on train
When the train slows down or stops at a station or anywhere, especially at night, keep the glass-window down. If you have something attractive or valuable on the seat-table it could be snatched away.
Also, don’t ride with your arm on the window-sill or your imitation Rolex watch could be snatched. Ladies should not put their heads out or the necklace could be snatched.
The glass-window should be pulled down if you intend to shut your eyes to doze.

Baggage weight limit
Since all seats tend to be occupied on internal flights, the airline generally does not permit excess baggage. Check the weight allowed and rates for excess baggage.

Miles not kilometers
Distances are calculated in miles, not kilometers. To convert from miles to kilometers, multiply by 1.6. Example, 50 miles is 80 kilometers.

Get potable water and safe food
Not all trains have dining-cars and not all bus-stops have the best restaurants. Journeys may take quite a few hours and the weather may be warm in some months. Make sure potable water and safe food are available. If not readily available you might need to carry your own. Your hotel or inn should be glad to pack you some food and a couple of bottles of filtered water.

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