Visitor Tips for Traveling Around Myanmar

It is good to know the rules of the road even if you are a pedestrian and move at three miles an hour and, in an accident, cannot hurt the vehicle but only yourself.
Pedestrian and vehicular traffic in cities seem to go in cycles from free movement to rule-abiding to move-as-you-can. Bangkok is in the move-as-you-can phase. Yangon is being pushed into the rule-abiding phase. So it is good to know the rules.

Public transportation, Bandar Gone, on the Yangon-Bago Highway, Myanmar.
Public transportation, Bandar Gone, on the Yangon-Bago Highway, Myanmar.

Cross the road at the zebra crossing
When you walk the streets of Yangon, take care to cross the road at the zebra crossing. If you don’t do that you can be carted off (in a pick -up truck) to a magistrate and fined or failing to pay the fine, to be locked up. Over a hundred people are taken in every day so it is not a lonely experience. It does not seem to matter whether the lights and the traffic flow are for or against you. What matter only is that the car speeding towards you, stops when you take the zebra crossing walk.

Don’t jaywalk
For a visitor to a foreign city, the usual activity is to jaywalk as you look at the unfamiliar and exotic sights and absorb the quaint sounds and smells. Don’t. Take in the experience but don’t jaywalk.

Take the overpass bridge
There are pedestrian overpass bridges at several points in Yangon. Where there is a pedestrian overpass bridge, you cannot just walk across the road. You have to take the overpass bridge. Failure to do so will result in the same unpleasant experience described above.

Board the bus at the bus stop
If you are thrifty and knowledgeable enough to use buses which have destinations and bus-line numbers in Myanmar, then you’ll be boarding buses. A bus may come to a stop at traffic lights or be stationary in traffic jams which are now beginning to build up. However eager you may be to catch that bus, don’t board it. Run to the bus stop and catch it there or you’ll be caught.

Don’t stand on the footboard
A common accident happens when the following car bumps into the car ahead which suddenly brakes to avoid crossing at the yellow light (for which the driver faces a heavy fine and, if repeated, loss of license). If the car ahead happens to be a bus and you happen to be standing on the footboard, your legs will likely be crushed. Hence, the rule against standing on the footboard of a bus.

City speed limit is 30 mph
The speed limit within city boundaries is 30 miles per hour or 48 kilometers. There are several stretches of road where it is tempting to step on the gas especially after being held up at lights or in traffic. But these are the very stretches where they operate radar traps.
Outside city limits, you are permitted to raise your speed to 50 mph or 80 kph, which is not terribly fast.

Drive on the right side
Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road. We used to drive on the left side. Now we drive on the right side. So to drive on the right side of the road, drive on the right side.

Don’t disembark at traffic lights
When the bus, or taxi or your friend’s car is held up at the red on the traffic lights it is very tempting to slip out of the car or step down from the bus. Again, the rule is not to disembark at traffic lights.

Look out for those lights
Most road intersections have traffic lights to control the traffic. One problem with them is their location. They may be on the right side or the left side, at eye level or at a height, seen clearly or through a branch of a tree. Search for them. Meanwhile, don’t lose sight of the pedestrian crossing the road against his red light.

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