Mrauk U

Used to be one of the most prosperous ancient cities in South East Asia dating back from 15th – 18 century, Mrauk U is now a major archaeological and touristic site in Myanmar.

It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly from both Yangon and Bagan, including a 7-8 hour boat trip on Kaladan river to set foot in Mrauk U. It is a long way because Mrauk U is situated on a rocky plateau relatively isolated in comparison with other famous destinations in Myanmar. For travelers who are passionate about culture and history, this little known yet mysterious Mrauk U would not disappoint you once you are here.
Hundreds of ancient temples are scattered over a large area around Mrauk U. These temples were made of hewn stone bricks, not mud and clay bricks like temples in Bagan, to combat strong winds. The most outstanding ones around them are Htukkanthein, Koe-thaung, Andaw-thein, Lemyethna, Ratana and Shite-thaung that all contain considerably archeological and religious values.

Due to being a new tourist destination, Mrauk U has very basic infrastructure including a hospital, a high school, and a market.
In this category, let’s find out the best attractions in Mrauk U to pick up your ideal destination to visit in your Myanmar tour packages.