Myanmar Music

Myanmar MusicMusic is an essential part of life, a part of the culture and presents the spirit of a country, and obviously an allure to every visitor to discover. Myanmar traditional music is indeed an indispensable factor in the spiritual life of Burmese people. The feature of Myanmar traditional music is mostly based on percussion with the beautiful blend of various musical instruments and melody making traditional Burmese music a multi-leveled hierarchical system. At the first hearing, Myanmar traditional music may seem more like a miscellany of spontaneous and unrelated sounds than a careful composition which makes it hard to follow. However, after listening to the rhythm a few times, you will know what true music art is, a kind of music which is not fierce or catchy but full of national identity. To make these great melodies, the traditional musical instruments play a very important role which is divided into 6 main groups:

  • Kyey: Metal instruments
  • Kyo: String instruments
  • Thaye: Leather instruments
  • Lei: Wind instruments
  • Let Khoke: Percussion instruments used for timing
  • Clappers and Patala: Xylophone

If you want to learn more about the music of Myanmar, this travel guide can provide a deep insight into it while you indugle yourself in a trip to the land of golden temples.