Maha Gita – Classical Music of Myanmar

Maha Gita - Classical Music of Myanmar

Maha Gita means great or royal song with the repertoire which refers to ‘Thachin Gyi’ or also called great songs. Belonging to the royal Myanmar courts, Maha Gita takes shape of the basic of Myanmar classical music and relating Myanmar music performance. In fact, The Maha Gita performance is pervasive in Myanmar music performance in a theater with the participation of live actors.
The Maha Gita owes its existence to the printed collection of the song texts; however, traditional examples do not exist in notation which has no presence in Myanmar tradition. Nevertheless, once watching this on Myanmar trips, you can still take in skeletal structural patterns of the music that exist in Western notation.

Maha Gita - Classical Music of Myanmar
Maha Gita – Classical Music of Myanmar

Kyo Songs, Bwe Songs, Tachin Hkan
Those are considered the repertoire’s oldest parts with a huge collection of songs

Patt Pyou Songs
This type of song was pervasive in the court and they are variable in number

Loung Chin
Loung Chin refers to songs of longing and desire

Lei Dwei Than Kat
This category is considered a group of two special songs

Myin Gin
This is a kind of music that enables the horses to dance

Nat Chin Nat Chin
Nat Chin Nat Chin is known as songs for worshiping and propitiation of 37 Nats

Yodaya Songs
Originating from Ayuthia in Thailand, Yodaya Songs are now popular in Myanmar which were later composed according to that style

If Loung Chin is about longing, Bole are songs that involve sorrows and laments

Talaing Than
Talaing Than belongs to the Mon minority in Myanmar

Those court songs refer to the complete body of Myanmar classical songs; whereas, there are certain instrumental pieces that serve the function of the opening of the performance named ‘Panama Ti’loun’ which means ‘first pieces’.