Since the recent open-door policy, Myanmar is a mysterious country with preserved cultural values that attract tourists all over the world. In order to promote national tourism, the government has approved of the policy for online Visa (e-Visa), which simplifies the administrative procedure to be eligible for entering the country. Let’s learn about how to get Myanmar Online Visa and start planning your best Myanmar tours!How to Apply Myanmar Online Visa E-visa

What is Myanmar E-Visa?

E-Visa or electronic Visa is a form of Visa application that you can make a request via the official website of Myanmar Embassy instead of going to the office. Since September 2014, Myanmar online Visa has been operated to aim for tourism and business purposes.

Regulations for applying Myanmar E-Visa

The maximum time duration for Myanmar E-Visas:
Myanmar e-Visa has the maximum time duration of 90 days since the day when it was issued (you got an email of approving of your application)

Type of Visa for foreigners

There are two purposes of visiting that you can apply for the Myanmar electronic Visa:

Tourism purpose

you have the maximum consecutive stay of 28 days since the day you enter the country.

Business purpose

you have continuously 70-day maximum stay since the day of entry.

Myanmar E-Visa for the children

The over-seven-year-old children or the ones with separate passport are required to apply for the e-Visa thanks to the support of their parents or guardians.
The under-seven-year-old children who can meet the following requirements are exempt for the Myanmar electronic Visa:
– They travel with their parents or their guardians
– They are included in the parents’ or the guardians’ passport
– All required personal information of the children is declared in details in the parents’ and the guardians’ passport.

Required Myanmar E-Visa documents

– Passport is valid over 6 months.
– The scanned photos of your passport include the pages of your information and all Visas and stamped entries you have ever got.
– 1.9–1.5-inch photo with white background (within last 3 months) and without glasses.

For the ones who visit Myanmar for business purpose, you need to add the following documents:
– The scanned photo of invitation letter from Myanmar company
– The scanned photo of Vietnamese company’s decision letter to assign you to go for business.

Procedure for getting the Myanmar Online Visa

Step 1: Fill in the secure online Visa form

The online Visa form is available at Myanmar eVisa (Myanmar Official Government Website: You need read and fill in carefully before submitting the required information; otherwise, there may be serious troubles when you enter Myanmar.Myanmar Online Visa Application

Step 2: Confirm the form and accomplish a payment

After you fill in the form, there will be a confirmation to verify the information, and then the payment can be made via international payment cards such as Master card, Visa cards, etc. The reference code will be sent to your personal email.
E-Visa fee for business purpose: US $70
E-Visa fee for tourism purpose: US $50

Step 3: Receive approval letter within three days

It may take 3 working days to consider, handle and respond to your application. You will get the approval letter through your email, print it out and bring along with your passport. It will be checked at Myanmar Immigration checkpoint.
Step 4: Get the stamp of e-Visa at the immigration checkpoint
At the border gate, you have to show your valid passport and the approval letter, the immigration officer will stamp your passport and allow you to enter if there are not any mistakes in your documents.

Myanmar border gates that accept Online Visa

E-Visa is not accepted by all Myanmar border gates so that you need to know the ones will allow you to enter this country with an electronic Visa. They are:

Yangon International Airport

Naypyidaw Airport

Mandalay International Airport

Tachileik border gate

Myawaddy border gate

Kawthaung border gate

If your destination does not belong to the above list, and you are not eligible for getting Visa exemption, it is compulsory to require the Myanmar Visa at the embassy office in your country.

Nations are exempt from Myanmar Visa

The people who possess the ordinary passport issued by the below countries get Myanmar Visa exemption with the purposes of tourism and business up to 14 days, include:

Brunei Cambodia
Indonesia Laos
Philippines Singapore (30 days)
Thailand (only by air) Vietnam

Nations are granted to get Myanmar Visa online


Albania Algeria
Argentina Australia


Bangladesh Belarus
Belgium Bhutan
Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Brunei Darussalam


Cambodia Cameroon
Canada Chile
China Colombia
Costa Rica Cote D’Ivoire
Croatia Czech Republic




Ecuador Egypt
Eritrea Estonia


Fiji Finland


Georgia Germany
Ghana Greece
Guatemala Guinea


Hong Kong Hungary



Iceland India
Indonesia Ireland
Israel Italy


Jamaica Japan


Kazakhstan Kenya
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan


Laos Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg


Macau Malaysia
Maldives Malta
Mauritius Mexico
Monaco Mongolia


Netherlands New Zealand
Norway North Korea


Pakistan Panama
Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal




Republic of Cyprus Romania
Russian Federation


Saudi Arabia Serbia
Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa
South Korea Spain
Sri Lanka Sweden


Taiwan Thailand


Uganda Ukraine
United Kingdom United States
Uruguay Uzbekistan


Venezuela Vietnam