Pyathada Temple

Pyathada Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

Early 13th century
Merit of King Kya Swar (r. 1235-1250) but left incomplete
Kya Swar was known as the Philosopher King for he spent all his time studying Buddhist texts. He left the administration to his son Uzana who unfortunately preferred sport, women and traveling. It is believed that when the laborers were not paid, they circulated an omen that the king would die as soon as the construction was completed and so the work was stopped mid-way.

Pyathada Temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Pyathada Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

Traveling on a scenic drive on Bagan tours, you will have a chance to witness the large temple, if completed, would have been impressive. However, left in this state it allows modern-day scholars to study the relieving vaults and stone courses under cornices that are unique aspects of Bagan construction.
The barrel vault over the main shrine is the largest in Bagan, measuring 25 ft wide and 50 ft long. A large solid core took up most of the space on the ground floor; the upper story is not complete. It cannot be ascertained if the temple was supposed to have a tiered roof called ‘Pyatthat’ and if the name Pyathada Temple evolved from it, or, as commonly believed, the name was, in fact, Pyathada, the term for the two unlucky days of each lunar month.

Other view of Pyathada Temple
Another view of Pyathada Temple