Every journey tells you a story, and a trip to Myanmar will tell you the story of people, history, culture and especially the cuisine. Your story, therefore, will be incomplete if you miss trying the local delicacies. The land of Myanmar offers a wide and eclectic range of dishes that reflect the many different nationalities contained within the union. Unlike the cuisine of other Southeastern Asian countries, that in Myanmar is less spicy but it is nevertheless influenced by neighboring countries, including Thailand, India and, perhaps most of all, China – particularly in the north.
Myanmar food is a perfect combination of vegetables and tropical fruits and is usually served with fresh ingredients. Most of the eastern countries in general use rice for most meals as a base to accompany a variety of meat, fish, vegetable and fruit curries or soups and Myanmar is of course not an exception.
There is a number of inexpensive food restaurants scattered on roads and in towns and cities, so you could conveniently find your favorite food from staple banana pancakes or fried chapattis to a wide variety of freshly-made local dishes, depending on where you stay. Keep scrolling up to see top 10 best restaurants in Bagan and recommended good restaurants for your Bagan tour

A restaurant in Bagan with the view of Ayeyarwaddy River

A restaurant in Bagan with the view of Ayeyarwaddy River

Top 10 Best Restaurants In Bagan

La Terrazza
Add: Yarkhintar St., Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 40263 0878

La Terrazza Restaurant

La Terrazza restaurant







Be Kind to Animals The Moon
Add: North of Ananda Temple | Old Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: 9420709847

Be Kind to Animals The Moon Restaurant

The utterly charming and remarkably named ‘Be Kind to Animals, The Moon’ vegetarian restaurant. The atmosphere is very sweet and the food is clearly made with love

Add: Pyu Saw Hti Street, next to Nyaung Thante Hotel, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 45195 1950

Sanon - top 10 best bagan restaurants

Sanon is one of the best Bagan restaurants which is a non-profit organization works to support the life of Myanmar youth. The restaurant offers customers with great local food

Weather Spoon’s Bagan Restaurant and Bar
Add: Restaurant Row, Yarkinthar St, Nyaung Oo, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 430 92640

Weather Spoon's Bagan Restaurant and Bar

Weather Spoons Chicken Burger – they claim it’s the best burger in Asia – they’re probably right – it tasted amazing.

Star Beam
Add: (1)New Bagan,( 2)Old Bagan, Bagan 84414, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 259 073 071

Star Beam Restaurant

A girl “checks-in” at Star Beam Restaurant

Yar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant
Add: Bagan-Nyaung U Road, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: 09420705389

ar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant

ar Pyi Vegetarian Restaurant

Kyaw Kitchen
Add: High School Road | High School Road, 4th street, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: 959259754811

Kyaw Kitchen Restaurant

Kyaw Kitchen Restaurant

La Pizza
Add: Yarkhinthar Street, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: +95 9 258 690 922

7 Sisters Restaurant
Add: 79 Nwe Ni Street | Situated at the corner of 3rd Street, Bagan Myanmar
Tel: +95 61 65 404

7 Sisters Restaurant

7 Sisters Restaurant

San Thi Dar Restaurant
Add: In Myin Kabar Village







Add: Bagan-Nyuang U, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: 6160176

Queen Restaurant

Queen Restaurant







Recommended Restaurants In Bagan

Green Elephant Restaurant
Address: Yamonar (River view), Thiripissayar Quarter, New Bagan
Tel: 061-60238, 02-67099

Shwenandawun Riverside Garden Restaurant
Address: Lawkananda Park, New Bagan
Tel: 061-60783, 09-51-33653, 09-2042306

Aye Yeike Tharyar Restaurant
Address: Main Rd., (Bagan-Nyaung U), Nyaung U
Tel: 062-70019

Mahar Bagan Restaurant
Address: Main Rd., New Bagan
Tel: 062-70391

Mya Yadana Restaurant
Address: Aye Yeik Myaing, Lanmadaw, Bagan
Tel: 062-70024

National Restaurant
Address: Bagan-Nyaung U Main Rd., Nyaung U
Tel: 062-70051

Nan Dar Restaurant & Puppet Show
Address: Wetkyi inn Village, Main Rd
Tel: 062-70039

Sarabha Restaurant
Address: Near the Sarabha Gate, Old Bagan
Tel: 061-60239, 60849

Si Thu Restaurant
Address: Kayae St., Thiripyitsaya Qtr., Bagan
Tel: 062-70173

Sunset Garden Restaurant
Address: Wetgyiinn Village, Bagan
Tel: 062-70475

River View Restaurant
Address: New Bagan, Myanmar.
Tel: 062-70099

Black Rose Restaurant
Address: 5 Minutes from Thirimarlar on Main Road
Tel: 956165081

Bagan Zay Restaurant
Address: Thiripyitsaya 4th Street | Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanmar
Tel: 959777875795

HTI Bar & Restaurant
Address: Thiripyitsaya (5) Street | Nyaung U, Bagan, Myanma