How to Say Simple Words in Burmese

How to say “Hi” or “Hello” in Burmese?
While taking Myanmar vacation, you would see that it doesn’t matter how long do you spend on greetings in Myanmar. Myanmar people usually say the same word for the whole day.
This greeting literally means “good” or “nice”. You do not have to say good morning or afternoon. Burmese people say it all together. It would carry many meanings: good day; good time; nice meeting you; and so on.
To say “Hello” in Myanmar, we can say: “mingalar par
How to Say “Thank you!” in Burmese?
To say “Thank you!” in Myanmar, we can say: “chei zu tin bar te
How to Say “I love you” in Burmese?
To say “I love you” in Myanmar, we can say: “chit tey

Myanmar people with friendly smile.
Myanmar people with a friendly smile.

So, with these guides above, we hope you have gained the basic words to use while traveling to Myanmar. If you want to learn more about the language of Burmese people, read more at Myanmar language