Shwe In Bin Monastery

Shwe In Bin Monastery

Situated at the southwest corner of Mandalay City, the attractive Shweinbin Monastery is one of few that have survived the test of time can be explored on day trips from Mandalay. The construction of this structure is deeply imprinted by traditional Burmese style. The first brick of this site is laid in 1895 by Chinese merchants. The monastery is made up of several stunning woodcarvings and also features some admirable works of art.

Shwe In bin Monastery
Visitors love to “discover” this peaceful oasis in southwest Mandalay city. It’s a tranquil setting for meditating or relaxing while browsing the intricate carvings on balustrades, walls, and cornices

The current location of Shweinbin Monastery is on the 89th Street, between 38th and 39th Street, in Mahar Aung Myay Township. This structure was the donation of a Chinese merchant U Set Shwin. He was brought into life in China, Yunan Province and then moved to Mandalay. He became an orphan at the age of 14 and he struggled through life to become a merchant. He got married to one of the nieces of King Bagan. Finally, he was able to donate this great monastery.

Buddha Images at Shweinbin MonasteryShwe In Bin Monastery, Mandalay, Myanmar






The monastery complex provides accommodation for 35 monks. This place is held up by the classical teak foundation that is often seen throughout the country but rarely in as good condition as at this illuminating site.