Top 5 Best Places To Watch Sunrise & Sunset In Myanmar

Sunset over Yangon River

It is not exaggerated when considering Myanmar as the “Golden Land” of the world where is rich with natural resources, full of shimmery pagodas and splendid landscapes. Besides, if you have a dreamy soul and love watching the amazing scene of nature, you should not miss the top 5 best spots to contemplate the wonderful sunrise and sunset in this beautiful land. Do not hesitate to take a Myanmar tour to earn the best experience ever once in a lifetime.

1. Yangon

When the sun begins to going down, the bustling city offers an amazing view of it from Shwedagon Pagoda – the most hallowed Buddhist Pagoda in Myanmar to Mahabandoola Garden – a favorite place to relax, people often come here to sip a beer and chat with friends. In other words, you can get the opportunities to watch the beautiful dusk from every corner of the city, give your soul a chance to dip into the beauty of nature.

2. Bagan

It is not hyperbole when saying, Bagan, is exactly a paradise of the sun that you can marvel at the majestic sunrise and sunset in Myanmar. The unique background for the superb photos is made from thousands of ruined temples that were built between the 11th-13th centuries that will render you thrilled. You should get up early in the morning, grab yourself a bicycle, bring a torch and a map with you and head to the temple which you like the most to contemplate the cockcrow hiding behind the hot air balloon floating in the sky. It would be better if you get into a hot air balloon yourself and wallow your mind in the fantastic scenery, and you cannot take your eyes off this beauty. The sunset in Bagan has its own charming and is much less crowded when compared to Yangon, let’s take as many photos as possible as you will not want to miss this unforgettable moment.Sunrise over Bagan temples

3. Inle Lake

You are looking for the peace of mind, here you are in Inle Lake where you can sit at your favorite local bar in Nyuangshwe, opposite Mingala Market to catch the sun going down over the village and you will have the feeling that the world and time are slowly going by for a while. The special part of this sunrise is that you do not need to get up early in the morning, instead, the mountains surrounding the lake will block the first rays of sunshine and let them fall through the canopy of trees which make the sunset much more interesting.
Moreover, you can get the chance to visit the stilt house village surrounding the lake and take part in the daily activities of local people to earn the brand-new experience. If you want to learn more about the water life, find yourself a boat and a sailor, set off early and watch the one-leg rowing technique of Intha fishermen or enjoy the floating markets and gardens, jumping cat monastery especially the silk weaving and cigar making workshops.The sun is going down in Inle Lake

4. Mandalay Hill

After having spent the day discovering the unlimited backstreets, Royal Palace and temples in your Mandalay day trip, you should finish up at Mandalay Hill. From the hill, you can hold the whole view over the city and surrounding areas dotted with evergreen tree rows, the sunset set as the backdrop for the monks friendly talking with foreigners to practice English which offers the amazing setting that all the photo hunters cannot miss.Watching sunset in Mandalay Hill

5. U-Bein Bridge – Outskirts of Mandalay

The world’s largest teak footbridge – U-Bein Bridge with its length of 1.2km crossing Taungthaman Lake that will offer you an amazing place to contemplate both fantastic sunrise and sunset. It was built in the 11850s and made of teak wood salvaged from the palace of Amarapura. The rising sun reflects into the quiet deep water that creates a beautiful watercolor painting. This place is a favorite spot for many local as well as international photographers.
In our busy lives nowadays, sometimes, we need the moments that we can slow down the life pace and free your soul for a while. Dipping into the beauty of nature, watching the wonderful sunrise and sunset from the longest teak bridge in the world would definitely not disappoint you. Remember to take as many photos as possible to keep these memories alive forever.U Bein Bridge ad Dusk