Inle Lake

Inle Lake one of the best attractions in Myanmar, is the second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar, located at a height of about 800 meters above sea level. The beautiful scenery and pristine cultural life of residents Intha living in the lake are highlighted to attract tourists from every corner of the world. Inle Lake is one of the destinations where most visitors want to stop and rest on their Myanmar trips.

There are 17 inhabited villages around or on the islands in the lake. Most of them are villages of ethnic Intha – the ethnic with culture and language differing from the ethnic Shan living next to them. Ethnic Intha is Buddhists that is the reason why most travelers are surprised by about 100 monasteries and thousands of large and small towers around the lake. The religious architecture and sculpture of the temples, as well as pagodas in Inle Lake, are under the influence of the Shan. There are about 70,000 people living on the slopes of the island around the lake.

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