Visiting Inle Lake in Shan State

Inle Lake – Myanmar sit along lush green hills of Shan state, the areas are prominent of natural beauty and culture.
In past centuries, the Intha grew up and developed a unique way of life of their own in the beautiful Inle Lake. They live in houses built on the lake and even grow vegetables on floating gardens. But the garden and the house is kept firmly by the bamboo stick plugged deep in the lake. Intha fisherman rowing style is very special, they can stand with one foot while the other foot can still steer the boat on the river.

Floating Garden in Inle Lake, Shan State.
Floating Garden in Inle Lake, Shan State.

Inle Lake – Myanmar attracts many tourists every year. Although it has been upgraded infrastructure such as hotels and restaurants to serve tourists, the traditional villages still stored as weaving, jewelry, and pottery village. There is one fabric that most tourists come here are surprised that are Linenlike fabric, its main raw material is extracted from the body of lotus in the lake.

When visiting Inle Lake in Myanmar tours, tourists will feel peace and calm. There are many other hotels around the lake, but many people here still prefer the traditional way of living from the old time. And they think that this is the best thing for them. Tourists on Inle Lake tours can visit the temple and the village by boat. The adventurers can participate in mountain climbing to get to the village and the monastery was built on the hill next to the lake. Some sights that anyone not to be missed, which is the Temple of Indein. This is a temple built in the 13th century, then you can go to visit the waterfront of Inle Lake, you can witness the face of the local fishing and bathing their buffaloes.

Fishermen in Inle Lake
Fishermen in Inle Lake.

Besides, you can visit some places nearby. Nyaungshwe town is one small part of the monastery and venue catering to people in the area. Some caves in Pindaya are very beautiful and very attractive to tourists, the caves connect to each other and form a network, where you can see Shwe U Min Pagoda at the height of 15 meters. In this cave, you will encounter thousands of Buddha statues. Some stalactites in the cave, when typed by a small wooden stick, will emit wonky sound throughout the caves.

Moreover, travelers can visit the old hill station of Kalaw, it is an ideal place to escape the heat of summer, walking under the pines and lush green bamboo trees. You can also visit the village Alaung, Pa-O and Danu by bicycle to see the wonderful scenery here.

Magnificant & Wonderful scence of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle Lake
Magnificent & Wonderful scene of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle Lake.

Each year the people here hold the balloon festival, the balloon has the shape of animals and puts freely in the sky over the town. In the south, the temple Taunggyi was built in 16th century with complex architecture that the people here called Kekku temples, including over 2,000 large and small stupas built at the foot of the valley. In March annually, Pa-O people gather in the temple in 3 days, they celebrating, camping, praying and offering fruit in the stupa.
A special event is that Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, the temple was built on Inle Lake, the temple kept 5 Buddha statues, you’ll pick 4 in 5 people colossus across 20 villages around the Inle Lake during the festival. The 5th statue, which is badly damaged in a storm and can not be recovered.