Biking Around Myanmar – Top 3 Myanmar Biking Routes

Biking Around Myanmar - Myanmar Biking Route

Have you ever heard about this saying ‘Get a bicycle, you will certainly not regret it if you live.’ In the journey to explore the extraordinary land of Myanmar, biking is a great way to admire the charming country, behold the historical ruins, magical landscapes, and soak in the vibrant cultural communities. Burma, as the comment from a famous brand, is unlike any land that you know. This may even more precise when you ride on a two wheels vehicle to approach tourist attractions in Myanmar. In this article, we will cover the top 3 Myanmar’s biking rides for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the best Myanmar tours.

Top 3 Myanmar’s Biking Rides

Biking Trip in Bagan

For a long time, Bagan is a name that has come to your mind as the land of sunshine. Bagan sunrise and sunset are wonderful moments that you have to witness at least one time in your life. Additionally, owning more than 2200 temples and stupas spreading as far as the horizon, Bagan is the world’s greatest concentration of Buddhist pagodas. The land of fascinating Bagan offers wonderful roads for any bikers who hope to take a biking trip around the tranquil area to see the beautiful city dotted in the sky with amazing hot air balloons.
In the early morning, start your adventure to the best Bagan sunrise spot in Low ka Ousang Pagoda with the first biking route in Bagan. It will be really fun! Along the way, morning mist blending with auroral sunlight filtering through green leaves will completely captivate your soul. Bagan terrain is relatively flat so it will not require you to take too much energy. Here you will feel the most breathtaking time in your Myanmar adventure tour with the perfect views of the gorgeous sunrise moment and sedate people waiting for the new day. Take your time on the peak of the ancient pagoda to catch the majestic sunrise before cycling to the next outstanding destinations through rice paddies in the scenic countryside and slowly enjoy the essence of the region.Biking Trip in Bagan

Pyn Oo Lwin Biking Experience

If you have heard about the hot, hot and dry of Myanmar weather, don’t worry, in Pyn Oo Lwin, you will have the completely remarkable experience that you have never been into in anywhere else throughout the country.
Located in Shan Highland with 1070 meter height, Pyin Oo Lwin owning the cool weather in all year round with untouched landscape as if the wonderland on the earth. In the former, this region used to be the destination where the British colonial built a resort to avoid the harsh summer of Myanmar. With these advantages, Pyin Oo Lwin is one of the most appropriate places in the country to take an interesting Myanmar cycling trip to explore the charm, as well as the fascinating city, features British architecture.
Upon arrival at the beautiful town, rent a bike and ride straight to the National Kandawwgyi Garden, it is considered a must-see spot in Pyin Oo Lwin for any visitors. Cycling through the lush green forest and let your soul smell the gentle breeze, you will never want to leave far away from this pretty area! The entrance price is USD5 for each person and you are free to wander around the pristine forest to see peaceful lakes, orchid garden, and museums. Feel a bit tired after a full morning sightseeing? A short ride to the local farm to visit strawberry orchards will fulfill your thrill. Furthermore, a chance for purchasing is always available. After that, cycling to December Farm to visit the largest milk factory in the town is also a great experience.
Note: December is the best time to visit Pyin Oo Lwin in the strawberry season. There also a new year celebration lasts from December 31st to January 1st. Unlike other tourist destinations in Myanmar where accept both USD and Kyat, In Pyin Oo Lwin, just Kyat is popular when making a payment.Pyin Oo Lwin Biking Experience

Biking Ride in Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake

Once set foot on the fancy Inle Lake, just taking a boat trip to explore the floating life on Inle Lake is not enough. The tranquil town Nyaung Shwe that surrounds the second biggest lake in the country is worth to do take a visit during your Myanmar vacation by bike. Since the road of Nyaung Shwe is relatively flat, your biking trip here will be easier to make. Here take your time cycling around the lakeshore through picturesque rice fields, canals, and villages dotted with stilt-houses.
One of the most exciting advantages of taking a biking trip to explore a new land is that you can stop at any places you want to behold the scenery along the way, taking amazing photos, and make more new friends. From Nyaung Shwe, cycling along the unpaved road with about 12 kilometers long to the Hot Springs in Kaung Daing. Kaung Daing market is a great stopover in this biking journey to visit the bustling market and explore the life of Burmese people. Leave out the busy market to continue your route, you will pass a narrow waterway. Here you can hike a boat to take you and your bike across the lake, the price is about 9000 kyat ($5). Along the clear blue lake, you will catch the view of many fishermen are hard working. The tranquil ambiance, as well as the nice breeze of the lake, will truly astonish you and capture your soul! Follow your route you will reach Maing Thauk, a quaint village located on the eastward of the lake. The village is a favorite destination of foreigners to cycle around and enjoy the peaceful life.Biking Ride in Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake

Myanmar Biking Travel Guides

Myanmar Biking Travel Tips

Due to the hot weather in Myanmar, you should manage carefully the plan for your biking trip. It is quite hot between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The most appropriate time is in the morning and after 3:00 pm.
Make sure to bring your sun cream to protect your skin from the sun, cause there is a little shade out there along your way.
Remember to bring a hat and some water along with you

Best Time To Experience Myanmar Biking Tour

The best time to take a biking tour in Myanmar is from October to March when the weather is most pleasant, dry and less harsh. During this time, the average temperature of between 20˚C-24˚C. Nevertheless, you can still travel to Myanmar in the summer as there are many year-round destinations in Myanmar for you to discover this time. Just keep in mind that you prepare enough hats, sun cream, and sunglasses to protect your skin.

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