Inle Lake Weather in April

Inle Lake weather April

At an average temperature of 25°C, April is the warmest month in Inle Lake, even during the nights. It can reach 31°C in the day. There’s still, however, pretty cool as night falls with the temperature approximately 18°C.
Most of the days in April are sunny with an average of 11.2 hours of sunshine per day.

If you are planning to travel to Inle Lake in April, T-shirts are sufficient for you during the day time. As April is the windiest month in the year, you should take a windcheater while taking a boat trip in the early morning or late afternoon.

Top Things to do in Inle Lake in April

April is one of the best time to take an Inle Lake tour in general and Inle Lake in particular. It one of the most vibrant time in the year when the whole country celebrates their new year party. Traveling to Inle Lake this time, you can indulge in the delightful moment of the new year with the locals, embark on a boat trip around the lake and explore the life of the Intha people.

Celebrate the New Year Party (Thingyan water festival)

Thingyan festival is one of the most important celebrations of Burmese people takes place on April 13th and last 4 days. It’s time when people reunion and relax after a year working hard.
On the occasion of the Thingyan festival, stages are set up. Many interesting shows of music and dance are performed.
Traveling to Inle Lake in April, you will have a chance to savor the special Burmese food made by the local. Not just indulge in the water festival, you can also observe local people celebrate many traditions and religious ceremonies. People also clean the Buddha statue, go to the pagoda and monastery to pay homage.
With that wonderful moment, April is a wonderful time that you should not miss to visit Inle Lake.
Note: Before joining in the festival, make sure you bring along some waterproof bags to house your phone and money. Also, almost malls, markets, and offices will be closed during the festival. If you are solo travel, prepare enough food and book the hotel well in advance.

Take a boat ride and explore the floating gardens

Weather at Inle Lake in April is pretty cool for you to take a boat trip to discover the exceptional manmade floating gardens. Not just building the floating houses on stilts, people in Inle Lake also make them stand out by creating the unique floating gardens by gathering the weeds, reeds, and mud from the lake. The gardens are stuck with hundreds of bamboo poles making an amazing scene. The process of making these gardens is not easy at all. Once visiting the gardens, learn more about their steps from the farmers. That ensures not only bring you authentic moment but truly meaningful.

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