March Weather at Inle Lake

March weather at Inle Lake

March weather at Inle Lake marks a significant change in temperature and wind in comparison to February. It’s getting warmer in both day and night time with the average temperature in turn of 31℃ (88℉) and 16℃ (60℉).
March is the beginning of the hot season at Inle Lake. It is sunny all day long with an average of 11.3 hours of sunshine per day. With that climate, it hardly ever rains in March.
Although it’s hot during the day, it is colder at night. Traveling to Inle Lake this time, besides a T-shirt to avoid the heat from the sunlight, you should bring a jacket to keep you warm enough when the night falls.

Top Thing to Do at Inle Lake in March

March continues to be the ideal time to visit Inle Lake and do some outdoor activities such as discovering famous attractions around the lake, enjoying well-services in the hotel, or taking a boat trip to see the Intha fishermen and enjoying a stunning sunset over the lake.

Discover Traditional Floating Craft Villages

When it comes to Inle Lake attractions to visit in March, it will be a big mistake if we miss traditional floating craft villages. They are all built on stilts above Inle Lake, each with its own skill set and expertise. Upon here, you are not only able to get the first-hand experience of the local production but also learn more about the way people make their living day by day. Best craft villages in Inle Lake to visit are:
Ywama Floating Village – explore the goldsmith and silversmith
She-khong Village – Where the blacksmith was born
Inphawkone Weaving Village – home to the intricated lotus weaving, one of the most precious fabrics in the world

Enjoy The Gorgeous Sunset on The Lake and Take The Photo of Leg-Rowing Fishermen

While incredible sunsets are Bagan staple, Inle Lake can also have its own! Traveling to Inle Lake in March, there isn’t more wonderful than enjoying the majestic sunset merging its light into the sky and reflecting the hue on the sparkling water. Your return boat trip will even better when you have a chance to meet the legend leg-rowing fishermen who row the boat by his one leg and use another leg to keep an oar. The beautiful colors of the sunset will create a perfect setting for a photo. How wonderful is it?

Enjoy Leisure Time in Resorts

There isn’t more fantastic than reward yourself in the spas or enjoying a good beverage after a long day sightseeing. Almost resorts in Inle Lake are set above the water offering a very nice view of the natural beauty surrounding.

Recommended Tours Inle Lake in March

Myanmar Culture & Heritage Tour – 10 days
Myanmar odyssey – 8 Days
Yangon – Bagan – Inle Lake – 5 Days