Inle Lake Weather in February

inle Lake weather in february

February weather at Inle Lake witnesses a bit higher of temperature. It’s also the driest month with an average of 11 hours of sunshine in a day without rain. Nevertheless, with the average temperature at 18°C, February is still one of the best months to visit Inle Lake.

Like January, Inle Lake weather experiences a big temperature difference between day and night time. While it can climbs to 26°C in the day, when the night falls, the temperature can decrease dramatically to 10°C.

As the low temperature at night, tourists traveling to Inle Lake in February should bring a jacket to avoid getting cold by the wind in the early morning. While taking part in outdoorsy activities, remember to bring enough hat, sunglasses, sun cream to protect your skin from the daylight.

Top Things to Do at Inle Lake in February

With the ideal weather condition, February is a great time to visit Inle Lake next to January. Taking a trip to Inle Lake in February, you can expect to explore every corner of Inle Lake on your boat trip. Keep scrolling up to discover more things to do at Inle Lake in February

Nga Phechaung Monastery

It would be a big mistake if your miss Nga Phechaung monastery in Inle Lake trip in February. Dating back to around 200 years ago, the attractive wooden monastery built on stilts is home to an impressive collection of Buddha images respectively in Shan, Tibetan. Bagan, and Inwa style. Previously, the monastery was best-known as the Jumping Car Monastery. Although it is no longer available to see these well-trained cats, the monastery is still one of the main attractions in the region. From the monastery offers a great view of the scenic floating gardens in Inle Lake that will offer you several great pictures.

Celebrate Myanmar’s Union Day

If you travel to Inle Lake on 12th February you will have a chance to celebrate the celebration of Myanmar Union day with the local people in Inle Lake. This time is the occasion when more than 7000 people around the country participate in this important event. Burmese people are so delighted if foreign tourists can join in their celebration, so don’t miss your chance of traveling to Myanmar this time.

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