Myanmar Best Markets To Visit

Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon

Local markets are among the most popular tourist attractions in Myanmar for visitors who want to experience at least once in Myanmar vacation to soak in authentic Burmese daily life. The vibration, liveliness, and bustling will totally make you fall in love immediately with the extraordinary country. Myanmar market is divided into two kinds: the permanent market which is held daily in the covered buildings that feature by the vendors, and the weekly market taking place in small towns and villages. In this article, Go Myanmar Tours highlights the top 8 best markets in Myanmar for all visitors to see the daily trading of Burmese people and look for the best souvenirs.

Top 5 Best Local Markets In Myanmar

1. Bogyoke Aung San Market

Located in Pabedan township in central Yangon, Myanmar, Bogyoke Aung San Market is one of the best places to visit in day trips from Yangon that impresses customers with its colonial architecture and the cobblestone streets inside. The market is formerly known as Scott Market, dating back to 1926 in the time of British colonial and the name Bogyoke Aung San was set after the name of the street. Nowadays, Bogyoke Aung San Market is one of the most vibrant markets and main tourist attractions in Myanmar that should never miss in Yangon trips. This market in Myanmar encompasses nearly 2000 stalls in which sells various types of goods from Burmese handicraft, jewelry, art gallery, and clothes. Boygyoke Market is a perfect place to find Myanmar jewelry as the people sell myriads of gems such as turquoise, ruby, sapphire, pearls… Besides, if you love the traditional dress of Myanmar, Bogyoke Market is where you can truly find a good one at a reasonable price. In addition to the goods and products, Bogyoke Market is also where you can find scrumptious foods from Burmese cuisine and Chinese cuisine especially Myanmar tea, the quintessence beverage that you must try at least one time when traveling to Yangon.
Opening hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday
Note: The market closes on Monday.
Address: No (66, 67, 68, 69, 78, 79), East D, Bogyoke Aung San, Pabedan Township, Yangon.

2. Theingyi Market

Theingyi Market, along with the Bogyoke Aung San Market, is Myanmar largest traditional market to visit in Myanmar tours. Located in downtown Yangon, it ranked as one of the most unique markets in Asia. It was constructed in 1905 with 1100 shops selling the local staples. So far, Theingyi market is vibrant at daytime with full of goods, sellers, and customers that allows you a chance to witness the hustle and bustle of Yangon. The colorful market of Myanmar attracts tourists with an array of products such as popular goods for daily living especially wide selection herbs and medicines. Apart from the various products is the lower price that totally satisfies any customers.
Opening hours: early morning to 5 PM
Address: Corner of Kyee Myin Daing Kannar Road and Nat Sin Street, on the Yangon River eastern bank.

Theingyi Market in Yangon Myanmar

3. Jade Market

The Jade Market of Mandalay is one of the ideal places to visit in Mandalay tours. Perhaps the most exciting and interesting market in Myanmar to travelers to see the impressive beauty of stones and gems when visiting the town. Mandalay is known as home to the jadeite trade. Every day, there are thousands of people visit this market making it become one of the most exciting places in Mandalay. Upon the market, you will witness thousands of jade pieces on display and hear the typical raspy sound of the jade being cut as well as noticing how the jade is shaped into many kinds of pieces. The most interesting thing is that you are free to have a jade carved from a raw jade as you want.
Opening hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Address: South Mandalay along 86th Street, Mandalay
Entry fee: 2500 kyats

Jade Market in Mandalay Myanmar

4. Central Market

The central market in Pyay is the next destination that is highly recommended in the list of best markets in Myanmar. Pyay is the beautiful town located on the Ayeyarwady River which is 260 km northwest of Yangon, upon arrival at Pyay, just follow the Strand road to the north, you will marvel at the vibrant and colorful market spreading over several blocks encompasses a temple dedicated to goddess Guan.
Opening hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Central Market in Pyay Myanmar

5. Nyaung U Market

As soon as you set your feet to Bagan, Nyaung U Market is truly the first place where you can contact will the local people in your Bagan tour. There are many sellers with the vendors and shops selling vegetables, tea leaves, seafood and handicraft, and traditional clothing. This is one of the best markets in Myanmar where you can immerse into life as well as the simple life of Burmese people and purchase some worth Myanmar souvenirs at a low price.
Address: Nyaung U, Bagan.

Nyaung U Market in Bagan

Recommended Myanmar Markets To Visit

Da Nyin Gone Market

Da Nyin Gone Market is one of the most thrilling markets of Myanmar dotted along Yangon’s Circular Railway. You may have never ever seen such a same market like that. Once visiting the market, it will make you feel like the market is spilling the road to the rail track. Da Nyin Gone market is where you can truly observe and feel the daily lifestyle of Burmese people.
Address: Khayae Pin Road, Yangon

Zegyo Market

Located in the heart of Mandalay, Zego Market is the oldest and most important market of the city contributing to the list of Myanmar local markets worth to visit once you set your feet on Mandalay. Covering 12 acres, Zegyo Market is where you will find various of product for daily needs.
Opening hours: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Zegyo Market in Mandalay Myanmar

Inthein Market

The 5-day rotating market circuit in Inthein is an opportunity for tourists to soak in the local atmosphere. Unlike the bustling and hustling markets of Myanmar in Yangon, Inthein Market features by the simple and rustic let you deeply enjoy the lively but the tranquility of the community living near the largest freshwater lake of Myanmar.

Markets in Myanmar: Travel Guides

Whenever you want to purchase in the Myanmar market, keep in mind these tips, they will help you to manage the best thing to buy with the most reasonable price and avoid unnecessary items.
Bogyoke market is one of the most vibrant markets in Myanmar and it is an ideal place to buy the best souvenirs in Myanmar. A little haggling is always highly recommended to make here.
Myanmar markets are mainly closed on Mondays. Additionally, all markets in Myanmar are closed during Buddhist Lent Festival, which normally takes place in August and October.
The transaction will be made when you agree with the price.
If you would like to buy jewel and gem in Myanmar, remember to require a certificate.