10 Experiences You Should Try While Traveling in Myanmar

With more than 100 languages and dialects and various cultures, Myanmar is a wonderful country to visit. Taking tours to Myanmar, you will have a chance to explore the rich historical background, the lives of indigenous people and experience the interesting thing.

Bagan Temple Pyathada
You can plan what you will do when traveling in Myanmar, but the truth is sometimes different from what you had imagined. Here are 10 interesting experiences in Myanmar.

1. Try traditional costume

longyiTraditional Costumes Longyi
If you are male, you can try when traveling costume Longyi Myanmar

Whether you are traveling to anywhere matter, the meet and chat with the locals will surely bring you a wonderful experience. The first-day tour of Myanmar, you should look at the market or walk into the city center, next to shops selling traditional costumes (which are called Longyi (for men) and Tamain (for women)). There are many colors and patterns to choose from, especially with all the textures only for the minority. Even Longyi and Tamain simply cloth wrapped around his waist a lot and you only need to wear them wrapped tightly secure. Unlike other countries in the region, the Burmese wear this outfit every day.

2. Feel the beauty of the local

Tanakan1Powder Thanaka
Woman applying powder Thanaka at a shop in Mandalay

Myanmar Thanaka is the traditional type of makeup of the Burmese people, with the sweet scent of nature, the people used to cool and protect skin from the sun. Powder made from powdered plant trees throughout the country Thanaka. Women and children are used Thanaka, the students that I met said that they used to illuminate Thanaka over face and arms daily. Usually people a little water into the flour air, then use a brush or cotton brushed surface to paint on. You will find interesting when looking at the girl with the bunny and animals on the cheek.

3. Tea

enjoy-teaYangon Tea
Walking in many lanes or street in Myanmar, you’re sure to encounter a crowded roadside tea stall sunset. People drink tea and loudly chat. There are all kinds of milk tea with sweet, bitter or mixed teas, served with little steamed dumplings and Parata buns.

4. Sitting for hours in the temple

ShwedagonThe Shwedagon Pagoda
The best time to photograph the Shwedagon pagoda before sunset

You can visit the temple, a Buddhist exposed to explore the culture of Myanmar, as the temple is home to many local families spend a lot of time to come together. You will see the monks and nuns meditating or chanting for hours. You should bring some snacks and drinks, sit and observe traditional worship here. In Myanmar, there are many temples; visitors can choose to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Mandalay Maha Muni pagoda and many others.

5. Climb to the top of Mandalay and speak English to the monks

make-friendMandalay Peak

The monks here predominately Buddhist University in the west of Mandalay and their aspirations is going to study in Thailand or India. Therefore, the young monks are willing to take you to visit and chat discovery for purposes not practicing, improving English proficiency.

6. Looking at the flow of people walking on the longest teak bridge the world

bridgeU Bein Bridge, the longest teak bridge the world

U Bein Bridge is the longest teak bridge in the world, connecting several small towns in Mandalay. Locals and monks often by bicycle cargo across the globe. Spend some time walking the 2km bridge length will not be disappointed. You will encounter the lake filled with water during the rainy season; the dry season can see fish and other animals wandering through the lake. You can also take a boat on the lake and watch the flow of people back and forth across the bridge.

7. Explore Myanmar, the country with more than 2,000 temples

bagan2Bagan Kingdom
As one of the nations has many temples in the region, Myanmar is the favorite destination for tourists interested in exploring the religious culture. More than 2,000 temples spread across the country; you can ride from temple to temple there. Bring a map, circle the places you will visit and began the trip to explore the beautiful surrounding landscape. Be sure to bring water and snacks, as around temples usually, are not many restaurants.

8. Explore the villages around Inle Lake by bike and boat

In the eyes of some people in Myanmar, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world. Inle Lake, but the lake is not as deep as the glass reflects the surrounding mountains scenery. You can ride a bike to explore some small towns nearby, canoe on the lake to enjoy the scenery, visiting the shops and temples nearby.

9. Made Buddhist Pilgrimage and breathe fresh air

Golden Rock, Temple Mount Gold
Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock) is known under the name Temple of the Golden Mount.
Kyaiktiyo top temple (also known as Golden Rock – Temple of the Golden Mount) and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the mountain was a new experience. Golden Rock is famous by the protruding and gold-plated surface. As the legend, even the Golden Rock has a little contact with the surface of the mountain, but it is still stable because the hair of the Buddha keeps maintained. Buddhists from all over the place come here to who their respects and meditate overlooking the valley below. As a side note, you should wear clothes that cover shoulders and knees to show your respect here and keep the body warm because it is quite cold here.

10. Eating

Like more than 100 languages and different cultures, food in Myanmar is rich and diverse. Daily family meals here include many different dishes to share with rice. Each member has a separate cup of soup. Lephet-do items (lettuce leaf) is quite famous in Myanmar, the main raw material is fresh tea leaves mixed with cabbage, onion, garlic, peanuts, and other vegetables. Its taste may be different in the way of local processing. Shan noodles taste is really great. Egg noodles and vegetables, sometimes just tomato sauce, meat, and tofu. Parata usual cake snacks while drinking tea originated from India. It is a type of bread, peas, eggs, sugar, bananas, …

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    • Stephen says:

      Myanmar has three distinct seasons, the months from February to May is the hottest and driest time of the year. The temperature is very high and can reach up to approximately 40 degrees Celsius, you can find the more pleasant weather in some highland areas. The monsoon season starts from May to October while the temperate and drier weather can be seen when you visiting Myanmar in the time from October to February. This is also considered as the best time to travel to Myanmar.

    • Stephen says:

      Myanmar is situated in the Southeast Asia area and shares borders with Laos, Thailand, China, and Bangladesh and Malaysia. Myanmar is featured with mountainous and hilly terrains surrounding the country in the west, north and east. Natural environment in Myanmar is characterized by the subtropical forests and agricultural lowlands. Myanmar’s terrain provides the incredible stunning and spectacular landscapes that offer favorable condition for adventures, trekking and hiking, cycling around, nature photography and relaxation.

  1. Spoolmak says:

    I will be in Myanmar in on 20th February, 2015. I would like to know what should I wear when visiting the temples and holy places in Myanmar? Can I wear sleeveless dresses?

    • Stephen says:

      We strongly recommend you wearing modestly and respectfully when visiting the temples and worshipping places in Myanmar. The shoulders and knees should be covered to show respect. Sleeveless dresses are not a good idea when you visit the places.

    • Stephen says:

      Tipping is not customary in Myanmar, but leaves the small amount for the staffs in the restaurant or hotel is considered polite. You should also tip for tour guides or drivers when feel they are really serve you well.

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