Yangon which is formerly known as Rangoon is the largest city in Myanmar (Burma) with a population of 4,082,000 (in 2005). The city is located at the confluence of the Yangon and Bago Rivers, away 30 km from the Gulf of Martaban.

In November 2005, the capital city moved from Yangon to Naypyidaw in Mandalay province. Naypyidaw officially became the new capital of Myanmar on March 26th, 2006.

Once described as a precious gem of Southeast Asia. It is not just home to the glittering pagodas but also one of the best places to visit Burma tours where you can expect to be mesmerized while strolling along the shady walkway leading to the serene lake. That’s never a hyperbole if we say Yangon is a Garden of the East.

Compared to other major cities in Southeast Asia, Yangon is relatively underdeveloped. The construction is largely developing due to foreign investment from China and Singapore. Many commercial buildings and houses have been built in the city center. Yangon is the place that has the most colonial buildings in Southeast Asia today. The government office in the building was built in colonial times (such as Myanmar Supreme Court, City Hall, Bogyoke Market, and the General Hospital are being planned for reinforcement upgrade.

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